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Mosul Campaign Day 170-171, Apr 4-5, 2017

Federal Police fighting in Old City, West Mosul (Reuters)

The Iraqi Air Force once again dropped flyers over Mosul telling the citizens to stay in their homes. In the past such actions have preceded a new offensive by the Iraqi forces (ISF). One is about overdue as the police have made no real advances in the Old City for several weeks now.

Where there has been movement is in the west where the Golden Division freed the Maghreb neighborhood. There was still fighting in Yarmouk however, which was declared freed twice before. While the police have been holding down Islamic State fighters in the Old City, the Golden Division moved up the center and western section of the city.

USA Today interviewed civilians that had fled west Mosul. They described how people were moving towards the front in hopes of escaping the Islamic State. That also put them in danger as both the Iraqis and the insurgents shot at them. There have been recent stories of IS forcing people into homes to be used as human shields, but none of the people in the article said they had seen that. What the militants were doing was constantly moving from house to house so they didn’t get targeted. Many times the buildings they leave get hit.

Speaking of air strikes, three were reported, two in Mosul and one in the Badush district to the west of the city that caused civilian casualties. All together 64 were killed in the incidents. There was no information if these were Iraqi or Coalition aircraft involved.

The ISF claimed there was another gas attack by IS. Mortar shells hit Rajim al-Hadid, which has just changed hands twice. A security source claimed gas was involved. These stories are never confirmed, but the militants have been known to use chlorine in the past.

There is still wide speculation about the fate of IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Fuad Hussein the chief of staff to Kurdish President Massoud Barzani claimed Baghdadi escaped Mosul in February 2017. Allegedly 300 fighters and 17 car bombs were used to clear a route out of the city for him. Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi seemed to discredit the story by saying that Baghdadi had fled Mosul a long time ago. The Islamic State likely wrote off Mosul a while ago, and it was widely apparent when the government was going to launch its assault upon the city. There was therefore no good reason for Baghdadi to stay. IS is looking to rebuild not fade away and go down as martyrs.

An adviser to the Ninewa governor told the press that 90% of the displaced had returned to liberated east Mosul. He also said that electricity, drinking water and schools were all running again. While people have been moving back to Mosul 90% seems to be an exaggeration, and is not supported by other sources. Not to mention services are still down in the entire city. Schools however are re-opened.

The United Nations had some disturbing information that armed men were now operating inside displaced camps. People have complained about being intimidated by them. The U.N. has gone to the authorities to complain about their presence and tried to force them out. Nothing was said about who the men might be, whether they were linked to the government or tribal forces.


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