Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Mosul Campaign Day 176, Apr 10, 2017

There was little activity in west Mosul again as the Iraqi forces (ISF) were preparing a new offensive against the Old City district along the Tigris River. The Yarmouk and Sakak neighborhoods were officially declared freed by the Golden Division. The unit took the first half of Yarmouk on April 3 and then the second half on April 6. Despite the announcement there was heavy fighting in both areas. The Golden Division have moved up into the western and central sections of the city, while the Federal Police and Rapid Reaction Division have held down Islamic State units in the Old City. That area is to be surrounded and then attacked. This operation is behind schedule however due to heavy civilian casualties.

In the meantime the insurgents were still firing mortars into both western and eastern Mosul, and executing people as well. Mortars hit the Resala district in the west and the Hadbaa area of the northeast leaving 10 dead and 6 wounded. The later reportedly involved chemical shells. Again, there was no confirmation, but similar stories are constantly coming out of the city. 20 people were beheaded as well for attempting to flee IS controlled east Mosul.

Finally, a parliamentarian from the human rights committee from Ninewa called on Baghdad to aid the people inside the city. The MP reminded people that there are now services in liberated east Mosul. That includes no drinking water or electricity. Aid groups are constantly bringing that up. The government is barely present within the city however. Public workers have largely not returned because of security concerns, and those that have are not being paid. Some local officials are trying to clean up streets and homes, but there is little money for anything else. That means services are not likely to be restored any time soon, especially because of IS shelling.


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