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Security In Iraq, April 8-14, 2017

Security incidents reported in the press took a dip in the second week of April in Iraq, while casualties remained largely unchanged from the previous week. There was very little violence around most of the country, with almost all the incidents taking place in Ninewa due to the Battle for Mosul.

There were 124 incidents reported in the press in Iraq from April 8-14, 2017. There were 58 in Ninewa, 28 in Baghdad, 14 in Diyala, 9 in Anbar, 8 in Salahaddin, 3 in Basra and Kirkuk each, and 1 in Babil. That was the lowest weekly total since the first February 1-7 when there were 123.

Security Incidents In Iraq, Apr 8-14, 2017
Babil 1
Basra 3
Kirkuk 3
Salahaddin 8
Anbar 9
Diyala 14
Baghdad 28
Ninewa 58

580 people lost their lives and another 666 were wounded during the week. The dead consisted of 4 Hashd, 37 members of the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF), and 539 civilians, while 17 Hashd, 79 Hashd, and 570 civilians were injured.

Ninewa led the country in deaths with 526, with another 22 in Anbar, 15 in Baghdad, 12 in Kirkuk, 4 in Diyala, and 1 in Basra.

Reported Deaths In Iraq, Apr 8-14, 2017
Basra 1
Diyala 4
Kirkuk 12
Baghdad 15
Anbar 22
Ninewa 526

Reported Wounded In Iraq, Apr 8-14, 2017
Kirkuk 1           
Babil 5
Diyala 5
Salahaddin 6
Anbar 11
Baghdad 51
Ninewa 406

The Islamic State still controls the western section of Anbar province by the Syrian border, but violence remains very low. There were just 9 incidents leading to 22 deaths and 11 wounded. Three of those were attempts at mass casualty bombings however with a suicide bomber attacking a checkpoint in Dulab, a car bomb being destroyed on the road to Baghdad, and 6 suicide bombers being arrested. Anbar officials are especially worried about these types of attacks because they happen nearly ever week for the last few months. Most are stopped before they hit their targets, but it shows that the insurgents are determined to let their presence be known.

Violence in Baghdad continues to decline. There were just 22 incidents leaving 12 killed and 41 injured. Six months ago that would have been the toll in just 2-3 days. Now the capital is seeing the fewest incidents and casualties in years. This decline started when the Mosul campaign started in October 2016. The Islamic State did attempt a suicide bombing and a car bomb, but both were intercepted.

Diyala is where the militants have been picking up their activities. The total number of incidents is still very low with just 12 during the week, but that is double the amount seen in the last few months. Most of this is occurring in known IS areas such as Abu Saida. Incidents are also now a mix of the regular IEDs and shootings to gunfights with insurgents and regular car and suicide bombings.

Kirkuk and Salahaddin are the two other provinces where the Islamic State either still holds territory or is rebuilding. So far the number of incidents in the two remain very low. There were just 6 in Kirkuk and 5 in Salahaddin.

Ninewa is obviously where the vast majority of the violence and casualties are taking place. 327 people were reportedly killed and 273 wounded during the week. 300 of the dead were civilians and 260 of the injured. 30 deaths were blamed on a single Coalition air strike, but there were another 228 fatalities and 214 injured that were blamed on either Coalition or Iraqi air operations or Iraqi artillery. All together those accounted for 78% of all the casualties reported during the week. The Coalition and Iraqis have relied upon air power, artillery, and mortars more in the battle for west Mosul. That has predictably led to these numbers.

There was a rare incident in Wasit where a suicide bomber was killed in the northern section of the province. The third week of April was when Shiite pilgrims began heading towards the shrine in Khadimiya. This always prompts the insurgents to launch attacks upon them, which was what the suicide bomber was attempting to do in Wasit.

Security In Iraq 2017
Jan 1-7
Jan 8-14
Jan 15-21
Jan 22-28
Jan 29-31
Feb 1-7
Feb 8-14
Feb 15-21
Feb 22-28
645 + 399
1,388 + 1,634
1,850 + 399
2,459 + 1,634
Mar 1-7
Mar 8-14
Mar 15-21
Mar 22-28
Mar 29-31
374 + 278
288 + 2,925
3,467 + 278
3,265 + 2,925
Apr 1-7
Apr 8-14

Violence In Iraq By Province, Apr 8-14, 2017
9 Incidents
22 Killed: 1 Hashd, 21 Civilians
11 Wounded: 3 Hashd, 8 Civilians
2 IEDs
1 Sticky Bomb
1 Car Bomb
14 Suicide Bombers Killed
2 Suicide Car Bombs Destroyed
1 Car Bomb Destroyed
1 Incident
5 Wounded: 5 Hashd
28 Incidents
15 Killed: 1 Hashd, 14 Civilians
51 Wounded: 1 Hashd, 3 ISF, 47 Civilians
4 Shootings
17 IEDs
3 Sticky Bombs
1 Grenade
4 Suicide Bombers Killed
3 Incidents
1 Killed: 1 Civilian
1 Shooting
2 Sound Bombs
14 Incidents
4 Killed: 2 ISF, 2 Hashd
5 Wounded: 1 Hashd, 4 Civilians
5 Shootings
5 IEDs
3 Incidents
12 Killed: 12 Civilians
1 Wounded: 1 Hashd
1 Shooting
58 Incidents
526 Killed: 35 Soldiers, 491 Civilians
406 Wounded: 76 Soldiers, 330 Civilians
9 Shootings
12 IEDs
2 Rockets
12 Mortars
41 Suicide Bombers Killed/Arrested
23 Car Bombs Destroyed
8 Incidents
6 Wounded: 6 Hashd
4 Shootings
12 Suicide Bombers Arrested


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