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Security In Iraq April 15-21, 2017

The number of reported security incidents in Iraq took another drop for the third straight week. There were 106 incidents mentioned in the press from April 15-21. That was the lowest count for the year, and the fewest incidents since 2013. That was due to violence being down across the country along with a dip in Ninewa where the Battle for Mosul was going on.

By province there were 48 incidents in Ninewa, 22 in Baghdad, 12 in Diyala, 10 in Anbar, 6 in Kirkuk, 5 in Salahaddin, and 1 each in Basra, Kurdistan, and Wasit.

Security Incidents In Iraq, Apr 15-21, 2017
Basra 1
Wasit 1
Salahaddin 5
Kirkuk 6
Anbar 10
Diyala 12
Baghdad 22
Ninewa 48

There was a total of 379 deaths and 345 wounded recorded for the week. 1 Hashd, 34 members of the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF), and 344 civilians lost their lives, and 1 Peshmerga, 5 Hashd, 22 ISF, and 317 civilians were injured. Ninewa was the deadliest governorate with 327 fatalities, followed by 23 in Kirkuk, 13 in Anbar, 12 in Baghdad, and 4 in Diyala.

Reported Deaths In Iraq, Apr 15-21, 2017
Diyala 4
Baghdad 12
Anbar 13
Kirkuk 23
Ninewa 327

Reported Wounded In Iraq, Apr 15-21, 2017
Salahaddin 3
Kirkuk 6
Diyala 7
Anbar 14
Baghdad 41
Ninewa 273

At the end of the week, two security operations were launched in the Haditha district. One was around the Haditha Dam, and the other was towards Kabisa. These were very limited, only lasting a few days to clear rural regions and roadways. Provincial officials are still waiting for the western section of Anbar to be freed from the Islamic State. That’s not going to happen until Mosul is finished. In the meantime, violence remains low with just 10 incidents, 13 killed, and 14 injured. There was a suicide bomber who hit a checkpoint, a car bomb that was dismantled, and 6 suicide bombers arrested. Although most of these types of attacks were prevented, they still cause great concern amongst the local government because they are happening every week.

Baghdad used to be the center of violence in Iraq, but since the Mosul campaign started in October 2016 it is seeing some of the lowest attack levels for years. There were 22 incidents leaving only 12 dead and 41 wounded. A suicide bomber was killed and a car bomb was dismantled targeting pilgrims in Khadimiya, but no other major incidents occurred during the week.

Diyala, Kirkuk and Salahaddin remain major concerns of the Iraqi government, because the Islamic State either still controls territory or is rebuilding there. Recently the Islamic State has picked up its activities in Diyala. In previous months, there were only an average of 1 incident per day, but that has almost doubled. Not only are the numbers up but there were five shootouts with insurgents, almost all in the Abu Saida district, where the insurgents have been active for years. In the other two governorates, there was very little activity with just 6 incidents in Kirkuk and 5 in Salahaddin. There were 23 deaths in Kirkuk, but 17 of those were executions in Hawija, which IS still runs. In Salahaddin there was one suicide bomber and three more killed targeting pilgrims heading for Baghdad.

Turkey is bombing Kurdistan almost every hitting Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) bases. Usually no casualties are reported, but during the week a woman was wounded.

Violence has been going down for the last month in Ninewa. There were over 100 incidents per week for most of March. By the third week of April there were just 48. Casualties have also dropped with 327 deaths and 273 wounded for the week. In previous weeks, there were over 1,000 dead and injured. 258 of the dead and 214 of the injured, 78% of the total casualties during the week were caused by Coalition and Iraqi air strikes and artillery. The pro-government forces have used this heavy weaponry in greater frequency in the attack on west Mosul, and this has been one of the consequences.

There was a rare incident in Wasit where a suicide bomber was killed. He was aiming to hit pilgrims in the northern section of the province heading to the Khadimiya shrine. Luckily, he was intercepted and eliminated.

Security In Iraq 2017
Jan 1-7
Jan 8-14
Jan 15-21
Jan 22-28
Jan 29-31
Feb 1-7
Feb 8-14
Feb 15-21
Feb 22-28
645 + 399
1,388 + 1,634
1,850 + 399
2,459 + 1,634
Mar 1-7
Mar 8-14
Mar 15-21
Mar 22-28
Mar 29-31
374 + 278
288 + 2,925
3,467 + 278
3,265 + 2,925
Apr 1-7
Apr 8-14
Apr 15-21

Violence In Iraq By Province, Apr 15-21, 2017
10 Incidents
13 Killed: 2 ISF, 11 Civilians
14 Wounded: 3 Hashd, 5 ISF, 6 Civilians
7 IEDs
1 Suicide Bomber
6 Suicide Bombers Arrested
1 Car Bomb Destroyed
22 Incidents
12 Killed: 1 Hashd, 2 ISF, 9 Civilians
41 Wounded: 2 Hashd, 3 ISF, 36 Civilians
7 Shootings
9 IEDs
1 Sticky Bomb
1 Mortar
1 Suicide Bomber Killed
1 Car Bomb Dismantled
1 Incident
1 Sound Bomb
12 Incidents
4 Killed: 1 Civilian, 3 ISF
7 Wounded: 1 ISF, 6 Civilians
5 Shootings
10 IEDs
1 Mortar
6 Incidents
23 Killed: 23 Civilians
6 Wounded: 1 Peshmerga, 5 Civilians
3 Shootings
1 Mortar
1 Incident
1 Wounded: 1 Civilian
1 Turkish Air Strike
48 Incidents
327 Killed: 27 ISF, 300 Civilians
273 Wounded: 13 ISF, 260 Civilians
5 Shootings
1 Suicide Car Bomb
1 Car Bomb
15 Mortars
1 Drone Strike
1 Suicide Bomber Killed
27 Car Bombs Destroyed
5 Incidents
3 Wounded: 3 Civilians
2 Shootings
1 Suicide Bomber
2 Suicide Bombers Killed
1 Incident
1 Suicide Bomber Killed


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