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Security In Iraq, April 1-7, 2017

The on going Battle for Mosul continued to drive violence across Iraq in April 2017. In the rest of the country attacks have been going steadily down for the last few months, especially in places like Baghdad, which has seen the fewest incidents and casualties in years.

There were 169 incidents in Iraq from April 1-7 reported in the press. That was the most since 171 from March 8-14. There were 88 incidents in Ninewa, followed by 32 in Baghdad, 17 in Diyala, 9 in Salahaddin, 9 in Anbar, 7 in Kirkuk, 3 in Basra, 3 in Babil, and 1 in Najaf.

Security Incidents In Iraq, Apr 1-7, 2017
Najaf 1
Babil 3
Basra 3
Kirkuk 7
Anbar 9
Salahaddin 9
Diyala 17
Baghdad 32
Ninewa 88

Those incidents led to a total of 848 deaths consisting of 3 Sahwa, 6 Peshmerga, 13 Hashd al-Shaabi, 52 members of the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF), and 774 civilians. There were 427 injured made up of 1 Sahwa, 7 Peshmerga, 28 ISF, and 391 Civilians. Ninewa was the deadliest province with 739. After that fatalities were very low with 42 in Salahaddin, 21 in Anbar, 19 in Baghdad, 16 in Diyala, 7 in Kirkuk, 3 in Babil, and 1 in Basra. Baghdad for example used to regularly average triple digit deaths last year, but now is witnessing some of the lowest figures since the 2003 invasion.

Reported Deaths In Iraq, Apr 1-7, 2017
Basra 1
Babil 3
Kirkuk 7
Diyala 16
Baghdad 19
Anbar 21
Salahaddin 42
Ninewa 739

Reported Wounded In Iraq, Apr 1-7, 2017
Kirkuk 1
Anbar 5
Babil 6
Diyala 21
Salahaddin 57
Baghdad 80
Ninewa 257

In Anbar there were 9 incidents, 21 dead, and 5 wounded. That was highlighted by a suicide car bomb that hit the Iraqi forces in Fallujah, and a car bomb that was destroyed, another was that was discovered and dismantled, and five suicide bombers that were killed. Anbar officials and security forces were relieved that most of these were unsuccessful, but at the same time are increasingly concerned that they continue to plague the province. The number of incidents in Anbar has been on a steady decline since the summer of 2016 when there was an average of 4.1 per day versus just 1 per day in February and March, yet the attempts at mass casualty bombings remain high.

The number of incidents remained low in Babil, but there was suddenly a spate of large bombings during the first week of April. A suicide bomber and a car bomb hit the city of Iskandiriya during the middle of the week. The last time there was a similar type of attack was back in November 2016. Babil is the only governorate in Iraq where there used to be a sizeable Islamic State presence that was expelled, and never returned. It’s unclear whether these bombings marked some type of comeback for the group or were just sent from neighboring Anbar or southern Baghdad to sow chaos.

Baghdad is witnessing the lowest violence seen in years. There were just 32 incidents leading to 19 deaths and 80 wounded. In March and April 2017 there were an average of 4 incidents per day compared to 10 in August and September 2016. Incidents have been going down ever since the Mosul campaign started in October of last year. While IS still has cells operating in the southern and northern towns outside the capital itself, it looks like they pulled back some of their forces to defend Mosul since there were no large security operations in Baghdad to account for the decline.

In February there were growing concerns about increasing violence in Basra. That has now subsided. There are still a few incidents per week, but they have gone back down to their average. At the start of April for instance, there were just 3 incidents, with a teacher being shot and killed.

Diyala, Kirkuk and Salahaddin are where the insurgents either maintain territory or are rebuilding. Usually there are just a few incidents in the three governorates, but attempts at mass casualty bombings. That was seen in Kirkuk and Salahaddin. In the former there were 7 incidents, 7 deaths, and 1 injured. In Salahaddin there were 9 incidents, but 42 killed and 57 injured. The large number of casualties was due to five suicide bombers infiltrating the downtown area, probably to mark the anniversary of the liberation of the city in 2015. They left 35 dead and 42 wounded. In Diyala however, attacks have been picking up. There were 17 incidents leaving 16 dead and 21 injured. Since August 2016 there has only been an average of 1 incident per day so this was a doubling of violence. Still, while there were three clashes with the Islamic State, most of the other events were IEDs or drive by shootings.

The Battle for Mosul entered its sixth month. There were 88 incidents in Ninewa leaving 739 fatalities and 257 wounded. The vast majority of those, 705 killed and 253 injured, were civilians who have taken the brunt of the fighting. As the Islamic State has lost ground in the city it has killed more and more people who have attempted to flee or to intimidate people from trying. The group was blamed for 188 executions during the week. Many times these people were hung on electricity polls or dumped in streets to intimidate the population. Iraqi and Coalition air strikes and shelling also took their toll with 275 deaths and 162 wounded. The Iraqis and Coalition have increased their use of these heavy munitions in the fighting in west Mosul, and this has been the result.

Security In Iraq 2017
Jan 1-7
Jan 8-14
Jan 15-21
Jan 22-28
Jan 29-31
Feb 1-7
Feb 8-14
Feb 15-21
Feb 22-28
645 + 399
1,388 + 1,634
1,850 + 399
2,459 + 1,634
Mar 1-7
Mar 8-14
Mar 15-21
Mar 22-28
Mar 29-31
374 + 278
288 + 2,925
3,467 + 278
3,265 + 2,925
Apr 1-7

Violence In Iraq By Province, Apr 1-7, 2017
9 Incidents
21 Killed: 2 Sahwa, 7 ISF, 12 Civilians
5 Wounded: 5 ISF
1 Shooting
1 Sound Bomb
1 Suicide Car Bomb
5 Suicide Bombers Killed
1 Suicide Car Bomb Destroyed
1 Car Bomb Dismantled
3 Incidents
3 Killed: 1 Sahwa, 2 Civilians
6 Wounded: 3 Civilians, 3 ISF
1 Suicide Bomber
1 Car Bomb
32 Incidents
19 Killed: 1 ISF, 18 Civilians
80 Wounded: 1 ISF, 79 Civilians
4 Shootings
22 IEDs
1 Sticky Bomb
1 Suicide Bomber Killed
3 Incidents
1 Killed: 1 Civilian
1 Gunfire
2 Stun Grenades
17 Incidents
16 Killed: 5 Civilians, 5 ISF, 6 Peshmerga
21 Wounded: 1 Sahwa, 8 Civilians, 12 ISF
6 Shootings
11 IEDs
2 Mortars
7 Incidents
7 Killed: 7 Civilians
1 Wounded: 1 Civilian
1 Shooting
1 Incident
88 Incidents
739 Killed: 9 Hashd, 10 ISF, 15 Police, 705 Civilians
257 Wounded: 4 Police, 253 Civilians
20 Shootings
4 Car Bombs
19 Mortars
2 Rockets
3 Motorcycle Bombs Destroyed
5 Suicide Bombers Killed
1 Suicide Car Bomb Destroyed
24 Car Bombs Destroyed
9 Incidents
42 Killed: 4 Hashd, 14 ISF, 24 Civilians
57 Wounded: 3 ISF, 7 Peshmerga, 47 Civilians
6 Shootings
2 IEDs
3 Suicide Bombers
3 Car Bombs
1 Mortar
21 Suicide Bombers Killed


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