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Mosul Campaign Day 188, Apr 22, 2017

The Iraqi forces were active across all sections of west Mosul. First, the Golden Division took the Siha neighborhood in the middle of the city. It was still fighting in Tanak as well. General Maan Saadi claimed that the Golden Division was surrounding the Old City, but it continues to move north rather than to the east where the Old City is. The police were still assaulting that district from four directions, but the fight still appeared to be deadlocked. A brigade from the army’s 16th Division, which was doing security duties in east Mosul was transferred to the northwest of the city to join the 9th Division and the Hashd. Those units reached just outside of Mosul a few days ago, but there have been no reports of movement since then, although government maps claim they have seized several areas in the northern perimeter of west Mosul. Since the Iraqi government always likes reporting its victories the maps may be an exaggeration. The Golden Division remains the most effective force of the government. It has continued to gain neighborhood after neighborhood in the west and center of west Mosul. The police on the other hand announced that they were renewing operations in the Old City after a month long pause, but have still not made much headway. Fighting in the district is very intense going from street to street, house to house, sometimes room to room. The police may be over relying upon artillery and air strikes as well rather than clearing out areas on the ground. 

An Iraqi security source told Kuwait’s Alaan that 7,970 soldiers, police and Hashd had died since the start of the Mosul campaign in October 2016. Sporadically figures like these are released. Unfortunately there is no way to verify them since the government is not reporting its losses.

More civilian casualties were reported in Mosul. IS Mortars hit three neighborhoods leaving 6 wounded. The insurgents also executed 42 people for refusing to join its ranks, and another 15 who would not let the group use its homes.

Bas News reported a flare up between the Hashd and the Peshmerga. A Hashd unit went to a Peshmerga base in Bartella to the east of Mosul, took down the Kurdish flag, and put up an Iraqi one. No other information was given on what provoked the incident or what happened afterward.

More and more people are returning to their homes in Ninewa. The International Organization for Migration recorded a drop in the registered number of displaced from 331,140 on April 18 to 330,012 on April 20. Overall, 103,950 people have either gone back to their original place of origin or moved to east Mosul waiting to relocate back to the west when it is freed.


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