Friday, June 17, 2022

14 Year Anniversary of Musings On Iraq!

In 2002 I started researching Iraq to try to understand why the United States wanted to invade the country. In 2008 I created Musings On Iraq. Since then I've branched out to try to cover all different aspects of Iraq from book reviews to history, etc. I thank everyone who has helped me and especially you the readers.


Don Cox said...


This is an excellent site. It's impressive how you manage to keep it going.

Don Cox

Joel Wing said...

Thank you

This Day In Iraqi History - Jul 3 IS car bomb in Baghdad set off fire in mall Killed 324 Wounded 200 One of the deadliest bombings

(VOA)   1923 35 clerics and religious students left Iraq for Persia to protest deportation of cleric Khalisi for his opposition to parliam...