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Mosul Campaign Day 76, Dec 31, 2016

There was more progress made inside and out of Mosul on December 31. The second part of Quds and Sinai were freed, and a town outside the city in the north as well. There was contradictory news about the Hadbaa neighborhood in the north. Most reports said that the Iraqi forces hadn’t entered it yet, but one said that it had been liberated. Since November there have been several reports that the area had been reached, but all of those appeared to be exaggerations. Jadaydat al-Mufti and Qadisiyah were also attacked. The Rapid Reaction police arrived in Intisar to help the 9th Division, and there was still fighting going in Sumer, both in the southeast, and Karama in the east, along with Salam, Nassir, and Shamiaa. The Islamic State on the other hand attacked Wahda, Tamim, Quds, Karama, Sada, and Intisar with several car bombs.

The Associated Press had a story on Nimrod. The town was freed in November and is the site of an ancient Assyrian capital. The Islamic State made a video destroying parts of the place when it conquered it. Today the village is unprotected and people are slowly looting it. With the government still fighting the battle for Mosul there is no telling when or if the place will be secured and its history protected.


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