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Mosul Campaign Day 82, Jan 6, 2017

The Iraqi forces (ISF) shifted their focus to northeast Mosul on January 6. The 16th Division seized Mazare neighborhood, while the Golden Division took neighboring Muthanna. That effort began with a surprise night attack into Muthanna that was quickly surrounded. Army brigades also moved into the Hadbaa housing district, which is farther north.

In the southeast the Federal Police finally took the Salam Hospital in Wahda. Next to it the Jund al-Khalifah headquarters of the Islamic State was also seized. The ISF had been targeting the facility since the start of December. Hopefully this meant that the Wahda district in general was cleared of IS elements as well.

Yesterday a Hashd spokesman announced the 6th stage of its operations in the Tal Afar district. The next day the Hashd took three towns. The insurgents launched a large assault upon the Tal Afar Airport, but were repulsed. The Hashd claimed they secured the Tal Keif road a few days ago, but they continue to shell IS checkpoints along it.

Much has been made of the increased U.S. support for the Mosul campaign. The Americans are not the only nationality involved in the coalition. The French have soldiers deployed with the Iraqi forces as well, and it was reported that it moved some of its artillery from the base in Qayara south of Mosul closer to the front to assist with the new push within the city.

Finally, Agence France Presse was the latest to cover the growing number of people being displaced within Mosul. It talked with a man who escaped west Mosul, which is under control of IS to Intisar in the southeast. He found an abandoned home there and took up residence. The man went on to stay that he did not want to go to a displacement camp calling it a prison because people were not allowed out. Many houses have multiple families inside of them as people are sheltering throughout the city while the battle to liberate it drags on for the fourth month. This process will only continue as the ISF moves deeper into the Mosul.


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