Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Mosul Campaign Day 85, Jan 9, 2017

The Islamic State’s defenses finally appeared to be breaking in east Mosul. The Federal and Rapid Reaction police freed Dumiz and Palestine in the southeast, while the Golden Division also took Baladiyat in the northeast. The latter was seizing the ground around the Mosul University next door for an eventual assault. Sukar to the north of that neighborhood has been declared liberated three times, but was still being fought over. Furqan and Atibaa, which were freed on January 7, are now being cleared. A member of the Ninewa Council claimed that 85% of the eastern half of the city was now under government control. That may be too high, but the majority of the Left Coast is definitely now occupied.

General Najm al-Jabouri from the Ninewa Operations Command and the Golden Division spokesman Sabah Numan both speculated that east Mosul could be freed in days. Whether its days or weeks it definitely looks like half of the city will be taken this month.

The Islamic State is still putting up a fight for every neighborhood. The militants were shooting at displaced families attempting to flee the fighting in Sumer and Wahda. Four car bombs in Palestine, 3 in Dumiz and Palestine, and one each in Baladiyat and Furqan were destroyed. Mortar and rocket fire on Muthanna, Rafaq, Wahda and some unknown locations killed six civilians and wounded 16 others. Finally, the insurgents attacked the Hashd in Adaya in the Tal Afar district.

For the last two days Iraq Oil Report had stories about Iraqi and foreign members of the Islamic State fighting each other. On January 8, Iraqis wanted to retreat to west Mosul from Sumer and Yarmja, but the foreigners refused to let them and opened fire to stop them. On January 9 they were reportedly arguing over evicting locals to turn their homes into firing positions. Since the day the Mosul operation began in October 2016 there have been stories of IS fighters and their families fleeing the city. None of that seemed to affect the sturdy defense the group was able to mount. IS turning on itself however if confirmed, could an important split.


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