Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Mosul Campaign Day 93, Jan 17, 2017

The Islamic State is in full collapse in east Mosul with 11 neighborhoods falling on January 17. The Golden Division freed all of them along with the Great Mosque, the Presidential Palace, and the Ninewa Hotel. In the north, the army took the Kindi military base. The entrances to all five bridges across the Tigris River were secured as well. There was still fighting in the Ghabat area. The mayor of Mosul Hussein al-Hajem said there were only 4-7 areas in east Mosul still under IS control. Iraqi officials are always given to exaggeration and have claimed that almost all of the Left Coast side of the city was taken. Those statements have finally been realized with roughly 90% of eastern Mosul occupied.

The press was full of other examples of IS faltering. The Golden Division claimed that the insurgents didn’t even put up a fight for the neighborhoods in northeast Mosul it took during the day. IS fighters were seen fleeing across the Tigris in boats taking civilians with them as human shields so that the ISF would not fire on them. In west Mosul the militants were forcing people to join as fighters, and taking family members as hostages to enforce its draft. The big question is whether this will carry over to the next phase in the battle.

After all of east Mosul is liberated there will likely be a pause to rearm and refit and then an assault will be made across the waterway into the western Right Bank. Preparations are already being made. 5 pontoon bridges arrived at the Qayara base south of Mosul to be used to cross the Tigris. U.S. advisers have also taken up positions in four areas of east Mosul. That will provide forward operating bases to further assist the Iraqi forces with air strikes, artillery and missile fire, intelligence collection, etc.


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