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Mosul Campaign Day 83, Jan 7, 2017

For the first time new areas of Mosul were freed by the Iraqi forces (ISF). January 6 Muthanna in the northeast was declared freed by the Golden Division, but there was still fighting there the next day. That was followed by Atibaa 1 and 2 and Rafaq being taken next door. The housing district in Hadbaa farther north was also liberated. In the southeast the Salah and Shafaa Hospitals in Wahda were freed by the Federal Police and Rapid Reaction forces, and the adjoining Ghufran neighborhood by the Golden Division. That unit was also securing the roads leading to the Fourth Bridge the southernmost span across the Tigris in Mosul. A spokesman for the Division said that it was only 500 meters away from the bridge. Reuters saw U.S. advisers near the front working with the ISF, coordinating HIMAR rocket fire from the Qayara base south of the city. Muthanna, Rafaq, Hadbaa, and Wahda had been entered in November and December and been declared freed several times before. The other three neighborhoods were new however.

A member of the Ninewa council claimed that 88% of east Mosul was how under Iraqi control. That might to be too optimistic, but more of the city was now occupied by government forces. He said Islamic State units were still in Sukar, Baladiyat, Hadbaa, Shurta and Mosul University in the east.

As usual there were Islamic State attacks throughout the city. 2 Suicide bombers were killed and 4 car bombs destroyed in Ghufron, and 3 more suicide bombers in Wahda as well. 3 vehicles bombs in Rafaq, 6 in the southeast, and 2 in Hadbaa were blown up, and 8 more dismantled in the last area. 9 people were killed by mortar fire, and 11 by rockets.

Coalition or Iraqi air strikes were blamed for several casualties as well. 15 civilians killed and 12 wounded in one incident, and 5 deaths in another.

Finally, there were more stories of Islamic State members and families trying to flee Mosul.


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