Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Mosul Campaign Day 86, Jan 10, 2017

The Iraqi Forces (ISF) continued their march through eastern Mosul. Dhubbat in the south, Sukar in the north, and Masjid al-Saegh were all freed during the day. This was the fourth time Sukar was said to be liberated, the most recent being January 8. Several government buildings were seized as well neighboring Dhubbat. There was still fighting for Sumer, Salam, and Hadbaa. The next big move is to take the Mosul University in the north. The Golden Division is trying to surround the area in preparation for laying siege to it. There are reports of IS fighters giving up their positions and retreating to the western side of the city facilitating the ISF advances.

The Islamic State was busy trying to impede the advances of the government forces and people fleeing their control, while destroying sections of Mosul. The group set off explosives on two of the five bridges that span the Tigris in the center of the city. The U.S. Coalition has hit all of the spans, but not so much that the government couldn’t repair them in the future. IS is now trying to make them collapse so that the ISF cannot employ them to assault the western section of the city. The group was destroying some government buildings as well. Off and on the militants have been blowing up public facilities in a mini scorched earth campaign to deny them to the Iraqi authorities. In east Mosul the Islamic State was forcing people out of their homes trying to make them retreat with it to the west. 9 civilians were executed for refusing to go. The organization has used civilians as human shields since the Mosul campaign started in the middle of October. In the southeast in Palestine and Sumer the army and police reported that IS was firing on civilians trying to escape the fighting. Those that have chosen not to remain under its rule have been consistently targeted by small arms fire, mortars, and rockets. In a related note, the water pumps in the city remain under IS control, and it has cut off water to 30 areas in eastern Mosul. Finally, there were stories of the militants executing people across eight parts of east Mosul. That included both civilians and IS fighters who were charged of treason and espionage.


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