Monday, January 2, 2017

Mosul Campaign Day 77, Jan 1, 2017

Four new neighborhoods were freed in east Mosul, while fighting continued for several others. Karama, Intisar, Younis Sabawi, and Jaffa in the east were freed by a combination of the Golden Division and Federal Police. Salam was being cleared as well, and there was still a struggle for Sumer, Palestine, Siha, Nassir and Shaimaa. The Islamic State was at work as well. At least two people were wounded by mortar fire, and a reporter was injured in a separate incident. A suicide bomber killed four and wounded 11 in Karama, and eleven car bombs were destroyed in Karama, Nassir, and in the southeast. General Abdul Wahab Saadi from the Golden Division claimed that more than 60% of east Mosul had been freed so far. That was an exaggeration, as the Iraqi forces have still not really moved into any new areas yet. Karama, Intisar, etc. have all been fought over for two months. 40% would probably be a more realistic figure.

The army, police, and Hashd were moving forward too outside of Mosul. North of the city Malayeen, Kindi, and Arabi al-Thani were liberated. In the west, Shokran was freed, and the Mosul-Tal Skeif road secured by the Hashd and Federal Police. The latter may not have happened however as the Iraqi forces (ISF) were shelling Islamic State checkpoints on the road. The insurgents carried out three attacks in the north too launching several car bombs.

Agence France Presse reported on the internal displacement within Mosul. Some people were fleeing their neighborhoods, while others were sheltering in place. The government was providing some buses to try to help people get out of their areas. Many times this was happening in the middle of fighting making it very difficult and dangerous for these people.

Rudaw had a piece about rising tensions between the Peshmerga, ISF and Hashd east of Mosul. In the town of Somaqiyah the three forces meet. A Peshmerga commander claimed that the ISF and Hashd were handing out money to people to gain their support, and telling others to leave areas under Kurdish control. The Kurds have occupied a huge amount of land north and northeast of Mosul during the campaign. They claim it all as part of the disputed territories, but they signed an agreement with Baghdad to leave them after Mosul was liberated. The Kurds have gone back and forth over whether they will do that or not however, which was why they were complaining about the ISF and Hashd in Somaqiyah. For now they want to control all of the areas they have occupied.

Finally, since the start of the Mosul campaign on October 17 to December 31, 2016 4,375 deaths and 13,963 wounded have been reported in the press. Because of government censorship of its casualties and lack of access to the frontline by reporters the real figures are likely much higher. The civilian population of Ninewa has taken the brunt of the violence with 3,962 killed and 12,837 wounded. The Islamic State was responsible for executing 2,727 people, and Coalition air strikes were blamed for 315 civilian fatalities and 390 injured.

Mosul Campaign Casualties 10/17/16-12/31/16

4,375 Dead
1 US Sailor
1 Hashd al-Watani
2 Kurd Counterterrorism
16 Police
28 ISF
65 Peshmerga
82 Hashd
218 Soldiers
3,962 Civilians

13,963 Wounded
2 Hashd al-Watani
5 Police
59 Hashd
253 Peshmerga
353 ISF
454 Soldiers
12,837 Civilians


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Unknown said...

How big is a neighborhood exactly?

Joel Wing said...

They all vary in size. Try taking a look at the maps from previous posts and you can see the largest ones.

Anonymous said...

As a layman I have been following this campaign in the press and it is difficult to get a real sense of how it is going. It is my understanding that the Iraqi Army (or ISF) in particular, the Golden Division (saw the VICE video of them in Fallujah, Major Hassan and his redbull, hope he is o.k., btw) is attacking Mosul neighbourhoods directly from the east. The Peshmerga are not attacking directly, nor are the shia PMU's (Hashd), these groups are just surrounding Mosul.

So according to these statistics these are the KIA numbers, but in reality the ISF and the Golden Division are experiencing a much higher casualty rate? but these numbers are not officially reported?

4,375 Dead
1 US Sailor
1 Hashd al-Watani
2 Kurd Counterterrorism
16 Police
28 ISF
65 Peshmerga
82 Hashd
218 Soldiers
3,962 Civilians

Joel Wing said...

Yes the Iraqi govt does not report its losses. These are the figures that have appeared in the press. The real numbers are much higher.

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