Monday, January 9, 2017

Mosul Campaign Day 84, Jan 8, 2017

The Iraqi Forces (ISF) continued to advance in east Mosul finally reaching the Tigris River, which bisects the city. The Golden Division attacked the Sukar and Baladiyat neighborhoods in the northeast, and the Sumer and Dumiz areas in the southeast by the 9th Division, Federal Police and Rapid Reaction forces. The ISF was still applying pressure on Kindi in the north, and Wahda, Dumiz and Palestine in the south as well. By the end of the day Sadiq, Baladiyat, and Sukar were unofficially declared freed, the residential district of Hadbaa was cleared, and the Tigris River in the south and Mosul University in the north were reached, and the ISF were heading towards the Ninewa Ruins in the northeast. Sadiq was a new neighborhood reached, while this was the third time Sukar might have been liberated. Baladiyat was entered at the end of the December when the Mosul campaign was restarted.

In the Tal Afar district to the west of Mosul the Hashd were still waiting for orders to launch their sixth phase. The Hashd are in limbo as there is an agreement between Turkey and Baghdad to not allow them to take the town of Tal Afar itself. That means they are stuck taking small towns in the district. They freed two more on the day.

The Islamic State was still putting up stiff resistance. The Federal Police were attacked in the southeast. A car bomb exploded in Ghufron killing two. Four other vehicle bombs in Hadbaa, four leading to the Fourth Bridge in the southeast, and three in Palestine and Dumiz were destroyed. Two towns in the Tal Afar district and the airport were assaulted as well. The militants also destroyed several buildings and a hospital in Mosul University.


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