Monday, August 22, 2022

Iraq’s Electricity Minister Doesn’t Seem To Know What Self-Sufficiency Means

After signing deal to import electricity from Saudi Arabia Iraq's Electricity Min said Iraq might become self-sufficient in energy in a few years (Al Mada)

The Iraqi government has a history of overpromising and underdelivering. In July Electricity Minister Adil Karim provided the latest example. He said that Iraq
might become self-sufficient in electricity by 2025 provided money and natural gas to fuel power plants was provided. He went on to say that Iraq might export energy to the Gulf States and Europe.


Karim’s statements were pure fantasy. Iraq is dependent upon imports of electricity and is increasing them not reducing them. During the same speech Karim talked about becoming self-sufficient he announced that Iraq would soon be connected to the power grids of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia to import power. In July Baghdad signed a long-term deal to continue to buy power from Iran. Iraq also purchases electricity from Jordan and Turkey. These moves are not meant to make Iraq an independent energy producer but the exact opposite. The Electricity Ministry has said that it will be reliant upon these purchases for years. That didn’t stop Minister Karim from making his claim however. These types of statements are usually made just for public consumption but there’s always the possibility that Karim doesn’t understand the system that he is in charge of.




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