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This Day In Iraqi History - Aug 5 Pres Bush said Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait would not stand



1933 Iraqi army swept through Jebel Behkair executed any Assyrians found

(Musings On Iraq review The Tragedy of the Assyrian Minority in Iraq)

(Musings On Iraq review State and Society in Iraq)

1958 Communists organized huge protest in Baghdad for federal union with United Arab Republic

and Yemen but against immediate union which was pushed by pan-Arab officers, Nasserists and Baathists

(Musings On Iraq review The Making of Iraq 1900-1963, Capital, Power and Ideology)

(Musings On Iraq review Red Star Over Iraq, Iraqi Communism Before Saddam)

(Musings On Iraq A History Of The Iraqi Communist Party Interview With Univ of East Anglia’s Johan Franzen)

(Musings On Iraq Revolutionary Times, Gen. Qasim And Iraq’s 1958 Coup, Interview With Western Kentucky’s Prof. Juan Romero)

1968 Pres Bakr govt announced amnesty for Kurdish rebels Reconciliation attempt by new Bakr govt

with Kurds

(Musings On Iraq review Kurds of Iraq, Tragedy and Hope)

(Musings On Iraq review The Kurds, A Modern History)

(Musings On Iraq review The Kurdish Revolt 1961-1970)

(Musings On Iraq review Iraq Since 1958, From Revolution To Dictatorship)

1980 Saddam told King Khalid Iraq was going to invade Iran Asked for financing King questioned war Was

afraid of repercussions Said Saudi military was weak and was afraid of Soviet intervention Couldn’t change Saddam’s mind and gave him tacit support

1983 Iran launched 2nd attack in Op Wa al-Fajr 3 in Mehran aimed at Diyala Broke Iraqi lines and

surrounded a brigade Iraq counterattacked

(Musings On Iraq interview with author Anthony Tucker-Jones on Iran-Iraq War)

(Musings On Iraq interview with author Tom Cooper on Iran-Iraq War)

(Musings On Iraq review The Iran-Iraq War 1980-1988)

(Musings On Iraq review Iran-Iraq War, The Lion of Babylon, 1980-1988)

(Musings On Iraq review The Iran-Iraq War)

(Musings On Iraq review The Longest War, The Iran-Iraq Military Conflict)

(Musings On Iraq review The Iran-Iraq War Volume 1: The Battle for Khuzestan, September 1980-May 1982)

(Musings On Iraq review The Iran-Iraq War Volume 2: Iran Strikes back, June 1982-December 1986)

(Musings On Iraq review The Iran-Iraq War Volume 3: Iraq’s Triumph)

(Musings On Iraq review The Iran-Iraq War Volume 4: The Forgotten Fronts)

1990 Iraq started withdrawing Republican Guard from Kuwait to Rumaila Basra Regular

army and popular army sent to secure Kuwait

1990 Pres Bush said Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait would not stand

(Musings On Iraq review The Bush Administrations and Saddam Hussein, Deciding on Conflict)

1990 Bush called King Fahd Sent Sec Def Cheney to convince king to allow U.S. troops to

deploy to Saudi Arabia

1990 Saudi King asked for briefing on US military plans to respond to Kuwait invasion Sec Def

Cheney went to get basing rights

1990 NSC meeting Bush said that Kuwait problem wouldn’t be solved until Saddam removed and

defending Saudis and invading Kuwait two different things

(Musings On Iraq review from storm to Freedom, America’s Long War with Iraq)

1990 Dep PM Ramadan went to Turkey Tried to get it to oppose sanctions Turkey said Iraq should

withdraw from Kuwait

1991 2,000 Turkish troops invaded 3 districts of Kurdistan in retaliation for PKK attack in Turkey

KDP and PUK supported Turkey PKK criticized them for doing so

(Musings On Iraq review The Kurds, A Modern History)

2002 CENTCOM cmdr Gen Franks briefed Bush on war plan Had original plan Running Start which would

have quicker build up and Hybrid Plan which would be immediate start to war No postwar plan and Franks wanted to withdraw US forces as quickly as possible

(Musings On Iraq review Shaping the Plan for Operation Iraqi Freedom, The Role of Military Intelligence Assessment)

2002 Sec State Powell told Bush that Iraq invasion would dominate 1st term and US would be responsible

for Iraq afterward Powell said US had to go through UN to disarm Iraq and build international coalition Bush said wanted coalition

(Musings On Iraq Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction’s “Hard Lessons” – Part I: Planning for Postwar Iraq September 2001 to May 2003)

(Musings On Iraq review Leap of Faith, Hubris Negligence, and America’s Greatest Foreign Policy


(Musings On Iraq review Bush At War)

(Musings On Iraq review Plan of Attack: The Definitive Account Of The Decision To Invade Iraq)

(Musings On Iraq review Losing Iraq, Inside The Post War Reconstruction Fiasco)

(Musings On Iraq Overview of America’s Policy Towards Iraq: From The Clinton Years To The

Sectarian War of 2006)

2002 Report Bush official said 9/11 hijacker Atta met with Iraqi intel in Prague in 2001 False story

(Musings On Iraq Overview of America’s Policy Towards Iraq: From The Clinton Years To The

Sectarian War of 2006)

2003 Def Sec Rumsfeld announced US forces had been finding buried Iraqi fighter jets in desert

Explained why Iraqi air force didn't fight during invasion

(Musings On Iraq Why Didn’t The Iraqi Air Force Fight During The 2003 Invasion?)

2003 Def Sec Rumsfeld said “Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence” about Iraq’s WMD not

found yet

(Musings On Iraq Iraq One Of The Worst Intelligence Failures In US History)

(Musings On Iraq How The Administration Reversed Itself On Finding Iraq’s WMD)

(Musings On Iraq review Hoodwinked, The Documents That Reveal How Bush Sold Us a War)

(Musings On Iraq review What Happened, Inside the Bush White House and Washington’s Culture of Deception)

2003 Def Sec Rumsfeld said death of Uday and Qusay Hussein showed Iraq that Baathists not returning to


2004 US Cmdr in Iraq Gen Casey issued first military campaign plan for Iraq since 2003 invasion

Said US had to confront insurgency Build Iraqi forces Persuade Sunnis to give up insurgency Rebuild country

(Musings On Iraq US Army History of Iraq War Vol 1 – Chapter 13 The Changing Of The Guard, Again Spring-Summer 2004)

(Musings On Iraq Did the US Ever Have A Strategy To Win In Iraq Before the Surge?)

(Musings On Iraq review Nights in the Pink Motel, An American Strategist’s Pursuit of Peace in Iraq)

(Musings On Iraq review The War Within, A Secret White House History 2006-2008)

(Musings On Iraq review The Endgame, The Inside Story of the Struggle for Iraq, from

George W. Bush to Barack Obama)

2004 Sadr called for his followers to rise up against the US occupation

(Musings On Iraq A Divided Sadr Trend)

(Musings On Iraq review Battle For The City Of The Dead)

2004 Mahdi Army attacked main police station in Najaf city and US forces in Baghdad starting 2nd

Battle of Najaf

(Musings On Iraq review US Marines in Battle An-Najaf August 20014)

2004 Anbar governor resigned after his son was kidnapped by insurgents

2005 US said that EFPs were being shipped from Iran into Iraq to attack American forces

(Musings On Iraq How Iran Used Explosively Formed Projectiles (EFPs) To Influence events In Iraq)

(Musings On Iraq A History Of Iranian Weapons Shipments To Iraq Interview With Arkenstone Blog’s Galen Wright)

(Musings On Iraq Iran’s Policy Towards Iraq)

2006 Sec of State Rice told Bush Iraqis pulling their country apart

2008 Blair govt said UK policy in Basra was right one Made deal with Mahdi Army to withdraw from city

to airport PM Maliki was furious at UK Didn’t include it in Charge of Knights op

2009 Report Iraq in 4th yr of drought according to UN Rainfall expected to be down 50% Wheat

crop expected to be down 40% Would have to import 4 mil tons of wheat to meet 5 mil ton demand

2010 Report Obama sent letter to Ayatollah Sistani asking him to intervene with Shiite parties and

get them to compromise to form new govt

2011 Sadr’s Promised Day Brigades claimed 16 attacks on US in Baghdad Diyala Dhi Qar Wasit Maysan

Qadisiya Najaf Said it killed US soldiers Militias were trying to take credit for US withdrawal

2011 Protest in Baghdad Called for prisoners to be released reforms US withdrawal jobs better services

2012 Dep Labor Minister said unemployment 16% Said ministry planned to reduce joblessness to zero by

2016 Didn’t happen

2012 Report Oil contracts KRG offering drawing in more companies Offered more profits Natural

Resource Min Hawrami said KRG oil production could reach 1 mil/bar/day by 2014 2 mil/bar/day by 2017 Didn’t happen KRG signed 1st oil deal with Genel Energy in 2002 Deal with DNO in 2003 Now 4 of the top 10 oil companies Exxon Chevron Total Gazprom working in KRG Aug companies complained not paid

2014 Peshmerga freed Summer east of Mosul ISF suddenly withdrew from two areas east of Ramadi IS

moved in afterward ISF freed Barwana in Anbar

2014 Report Sr Iranian official said Tehran wanted PM Maliki out of office Said he was undermining Iraq

2015 Protests in Sulaymaniya over lack of services broken up by police

2015 Asaib Ahl Al-Haq said it would participate in next protest in Baghdad attempting to co-opt demos

(Musings On Iraq Asaib Ahl Al-Haq From A Breakaway Sadr Militia To Defenders Of Iraq)

2015 Parliament’s finance comm said Iraqi banks transferring money to other countries Worked

with front companies to smuggle funds Did study going back to 2012 Found 15 fake trading companies involved in Central Bank of Iraq dollar auctions

2015 KDP Peshmerga commander said peshmerga didn’t withdraw from Sinjar Were defeated by IS

Peshmerga withdrew without a fight

(Musings On Iraq Kurdish Government Tries to Create New Narrative Of What Happened To Iraq’s Yazidis)

(Musings On Iraq interview with AUIS’s Christine van den Toorn on what happened to Yazidis when IS invaded Sinjar) 

2016 Oil traders cut advances to KRG from $127 mil in Jun to $35 mil in Jul Cut payments to oil

companies from $30.3 mil in Jun to $18.1 mil in Jul KRG made $461 mil in Jul Needed $460 mil just to pay govt salaries 

2017 Report Unpublished KRG report said 18,000 KDP peshmerga fled Sinjar without a fight in

Aug 2014 Peshmerga in Sinjar under command of Masrour Barzani

2018 Report Election Comm bought voting machines from South Korea May Board of Supreme

Audit warned commission problems with machines Commission did nothing Iraq embassy in SKorea also warned that company might be overcharging for machines MP said National Intel Service proved machines not secure

2018 Continued sit ins by West Qurna 1 oil field in Basra and Muthanna Protests in Basra City West

Qurna 2 and Barjisiya fields Safwan border crossing South Gas Company all in Basra, 2 in Qadisya, Babil

2019 Hezbollah al-Nujaba spokesman said any Iraqi govt that goes against Iran would be overthrown

2019 PM Abdul Mahdi’s deadline for Hashd to withdraw from Ninewa Plains extended to

this day Nothing happened Shabak 30th Hashd Bgd held protest against it leaving

2020 PM Kazemi met with protesters Said their demands would be met

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