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This Day In Iraqi History - Apr 3 King Ghazi died in a car accident King Faisal II took power but was only 3 His cousin Abd al-Ilah became Regent


1929 Shah and King Faisal passed notes that legal barriers over Persian nationals In Iraq had been



1939 King Ghazi died in car accident King Faisal II took power but was only 3 His cousin Abd al-

Ilah chosen to rule in his place

1939 German Amb to Iraq Grobba spread rumors that England behind Ghazi’s death Led to riot in

Mosul that sacked British consulate and killed consular

1940 PM Gaylani ended martial law Released some political prisoners

1941 Golden Square officers picked Gaylani to become PM for 3rd time Started arresting pro-British


(Musings On Iraq interview World War II In Iraq and Syria Interview With Case Western’s Prof Broich)

(Musings On Iraq review The Chatham House Version and other Middle-Eastern Studies)

(Musings On Iraq review Iraq Between the Two World Wars, The Militarist Origins of Tyranny)

1941 British War Office asked commander in Middle East what forces available for Iraq after

Golden Square military coup

1941 Nazi Germany sent letter saying it supported the Golden Square coup and would lend military


(Musings On Iraq Iraq’s First Battle Of Fallujah 1941)

(Musings On Iraq review Persian Gulf Command, A History of the Second World War In Iran and Iraq)

(Musings On Iraq review Rashid Ali al-Gailani, The National Movement in Iraq 1939-1941)

(Musings On Iraq review The Role of the Military In Politics, A case study of Iraq to 1941)

(Musings On Iraq review Iraq 1941, The Battles for Basra, Habbaniya, Fallujah and Baghdad)

(Musings On Iraq review Iraq And Syria 1941, The Politics and Strategy of the Second World War)

(Musings On Iraq review Blood, Oil and the Axis: The Allied Resistance Against A Fascist State In Iraq and the Levant, 1941)

1965 PM Yahya told Egypt’s Gen Nasser Iraq was about to launch offensive against Kurds

Nasser objected believing it would weaken Arab front he was trying to create against Israel

1969 Communist militant Hajj who tried and failed at armed revolt in 1968 appeared on Baghdad

TV attacked his group and denounced the Communists Was appointed Iraq’s representative to UNESCO in Paris as reward

(Musings On Iraq review Red Star Over Iraq, Iraqi Communism Before Saddam)

(Musings On Iraq A History Of The Iraqi Communist Party Interview With Univ of East Anglia’s Johan Franzen)

1970 Def Min Tikriti Inter Min Ammash named co-VPs under Pres Bakr to try to end rivalry

between two for power

(Musings On Iraq review Iraq Since 1958, From Revolution To Dictatorship)

1991 Army captured Sulaymaniya last major town held by Kurdish rebels after Gulf War

(Musings On Iraq review Kurds of Iraq, Tragedy and Hope)

1991 Saddam told aides that Iraqi army was psychologically defeated by Gulf War and that was why

Shiites and Kurds rose up against govt

(Musings On Iraq Saddam’s View of Iraq’s 1991 Uprising)

2003 Republican Guard Medina Div carried out counterattack vs US in north Babil but


2003 Republican Guard began withdrawing north towards Baghdad while under attack by

US Republican Guard II Corps cmdr Gen Hamdani told his staff to go home War over

2003 US 3rd Inf Div launched probing attack on Saddam Intl Airport in Baghdad to test Iraqi defense

Met Republican Guard and Fadayeen and defeated them US decided Iraqis weak and sent brigade into Baghdad 1st Marine Expeditionary Force reached Baghdad

(Musings On Iraq review Voices From Iraq, A People’s History, 2003-2009)

2003 Baath officials began fleeing Baghdad

2003 Sadrists held march in east Baghdad

2003 Information Minister Sahaf denied U.S. had taken Karbala or Um Qasr in Basra and said all

those stories were lies

2003 British forces made deep thrust into Basra City

(Musings On Iraq review Burning Horizon, British Veteran Accounts Of The Iraq War 2003)

2003 US sent SEAL team up Shatt al-Arab to block any Iraqi attacks down waterway or escape

attempts Met by Iranian Revolutionary Guard who turned them back Gave Iran control of waterway

2004 US arrested Sadr’s deputy Mustafa Yacoubi for murder of Sheikh Abdul Khoei

(Musings On Iraq A Divided Sadr Trend)

(Musings On Iraq US Army History Of Iraq War Vol 1 – Chapter 12 Things Fall Apart Apr 2004)

2004 Sadr said that he wanted to unite with Hezbollah and Hamas

2004 Sec State Powell said US intelligence gave him questionable intelligence about Iraq mobile

WMD labs

(Musings On Iraq How Iraqi Defector CURVEBALL Became Basis For US Claims That Iraq Had WMD)

(Musings On Iraq review The WMD Mirage, Iraq’s Decade of Deception and America’s False Premise for War)

2005 Hajjm al-Hassani interim Industry Min and former member of Iraqi Islamic Party nominated as speaker of new parliament 3 months after election

2007 Integrity Comm head Radhi said Iraq lost $8 bil since 2004 due to corruption $2 bil for

electricity disappeared Fmr Electricity Min Samarraie convicted of corruption but fled for US Ministers blocked investigations into $55 mil in missing funds

(Musings On Iraq Corruption In Iraq An Interview With Stuart Bowen Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction)

(Musings On Iraq Iraq’s Trouble Fighting Corruption Interview With Vincent Foulk Former US Anti-Graft Official)

2007 Report 8 Mahdi Army commanders dismissed for insubordination and crimes

2008 PM Maliki officially extended Charge of Knights op against Mahdi Army to Sadr City

2008 Sadr said he would help govt clear ISF of militias

2008 Iraqi special forces arrested head of Thar Allah party claiming it was stealing govt property and

behind violence

2008 UK Cabinet officials reported PM Maliki had not told UK about Charge of Knights beforehand

Excluded UK military from command center Then blamed UK for not helping ISF when it ran into problems in Basra

2008 RAND’s Kelly told Senate Iraqis probably wouldn’t reconcile for a generation US couldn’t

achieve all of its goals in Iraq because didn’t have capabilities Questioned whether Iraq could become functioning democracy

2012 Kurds accused Shiite parties in Baghdad of smuggling oil to Israel via Jordan after Dep PM

Shahristani accused KRG of smuggling oil to Iran

(Musings On Iraq Kurds May Be Fighting Losing Battle With Iraq’s Central Government Over Oil Exports)

2012 Ayatollah Sistani rep in Hillah had house bombed in wave of attacks against Ayatollah’s

            followers in Baghadd Karbala Muthanna Babil Qadisiya Najaf Dhi Qar Basra

2012 Obama called PM Maliki about Iran flying weapons to Syria via Iraqi airspace Couldn’t get

Maliki to stop them

2014 Sadr said PM Maliki should not run for 3rd term as premier

(Musings On Iraq Moqtada al-Sadr Ramps Up Campaign Against Maliki Before Iraq’s Elections While His Party is In Disarray)

2015 Salahaddin council called on Ayatollah Sistani to intervene to stop burning and looting in Tikrit

Sistani’s reps called for end of looting during Friday sermons

(Musings On Iraq Divisions Over Iraq War Exposed In Victory In Tikrit)

(Musings On Iraq Human Rights Watch Finds Iraq Government Forces Destroyed Tikrit Area After Its Recapture)

2015 Head of Salahaddin council said Hashd were looting and burning buildings in Tikrit

2015 VP Nujafi complained about looting and burning homes in Tikrit

2015 PM Abadi ordered ISF to arrest anyone breaking law in Tikrit

2015 Police said there had been clashes between soldiers and Hashd to stop them from looting in


2017 Turkish PM Yildirim said Kurdish independence referendum was unacceptable

(Musings On Iraq What’s Next For Kurdistan After The Referendum?)

(Musings On Iraq review The Great Betrayal, How America Abandoned The Kurds And Lost The Middle East)

2017 IS shelled of 4 neighborhoods in east Mosul Killed 32 IS mortar fire into Badush which it

recently lost killed 32 Bodies of 81 people found in Mosul

(Musings On Iraq Mosul Campaign Day 169, Apri 3, 2017)

2018 Report Govt paid compensation to tribes to get land for oil development Led them to ask for more money and from oil companies One tribe attacked oil workers at West Qurna 2 oil field to extort money 1 source said oil companies paid tribes $25 mil for land use $25 mil in gifts

2021 Iraq and Lebanon agreed to oil deal Iraq would send oil Lebanon would pay with medical

services Lebanese govt didn’t control those services and couldn’t use Iraq’s crude for its power plants Would use Iraqi oil to buy petroleum from companies

(Musings On Iraq Iraq-Lebanon Sign Trade Deal That Doesn’t Make Any Sense)

2021 Bomb went off at ceremony for killed protesters in Dhi Qar 3 injured

(Musings On Iraq UN Report On Violence Against Iraqi Protesters)

(Musings On Iraq United Nations Faults Iraq For Failing To Protect Protesters)

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