Wednesday, January 10, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History – Jan 10

1981 Iran accused Iraq of using napalm and chemical weapons on Ahvaz, Iran
1981 Iraq defeated Iranian attack in Susangard in one of largest tank battles in Middle
East Iran lost 300 tanks to 50 by Iraq
1984 Iraq announced plan to build oil pipeline to Jordan’s Aqaba
1991 Congress began debate on Bush’s request to use force against Iraq in Kuwait
2001 Clinton DefSec Cohen briefed Pres elect Bush on Iraq said Saddam contained
            and strong action vs Iraq would cause problems in region
2003 US official said Iraq was deceiving the IAEA about its nuclear program
2003 Bush met with 3 Iraq dissidents Rend Francke Hatim Mukhlis Kanan Makiya Bush
            said he thought Iraqis could have a democracy
2003 Mukhlis told Bush all Iraqis wanted Saddam out Makiya said removing Saddam
            would change US’s image in region
2003 Makiya told Bush that U.S. forces would be greeted with sweets and flowers in Iraq
2003 Mukhlis told Pres Bush if US troops didn’t win support of Iraqis Iraq
            would turn into Somalia in 2 months 
(Musings On Iraq article on Bush meeting with Iraqi exiles in Jan 2003)
2003 NYTimes article IAEA challenged aluminum tubes story that they were for nuke
            program and Energy and State Depts thought they might be for rockets
2004 4 days of protests started in Kut Wasit over lack of jobs
2005 Bush said that U.S. would stick with January 30 election date for Iraq
2005 Ukraine announced it would withdraw its 1650 troops from Iraq after 8 soldiers
            killed in bombing
2005 Zarqawi’s forces assassinated Baghdad’s deputy police chief and his son
2007 Bush and Maliki individually announced troop Surge in Iraq

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