Thursday, January 25, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History - Jan 25

1917 British attack Ottoman positions along Hai River
1959 Gen Qasim legalized trade unions
1967 Pres Johnson met 5 Iraqi generals and Iraqi Amb Hani at White House and
            said that they would build closer ties
1981 Islamic Conference Organization created group to try to mediate end to Iran-Iraq
1987 3rd War of the Cities ended
1990 OPEC said Kuwait and UAE agreed to limit exports to try to settle dispute with
1998 1st part of final report of UN inspections in Iraq
2003 Military Industrialization Commission officials had Republican Guard
            commanders sign docs that they had no WMD in units
2003 Cheney chief of staff Libby briefed White House on case vs Iraq’s WMD and ties
            to Al Qaeda
2003 Libby said Iraq hiding its WMD and cleaning sites before UN inspections
2003 Libby said Iraq-Al Qaeda ties strong
2003 Libby played recording of 2 Al Qaeda operatives talking about poisons that Libby
            said they got from Iraq
2003 Libby claimed 9/11 hijacker Atta met with Iraq intelligence in Prague up to 4 times
2004 Ex-Iraq Survey Group Head Kay US intel was wrong about state of Iraq’s WMD
2004 Ex-Iraq Survey Group head Kay US intel agencies had to explain why they failed
            on Iraq intel on WMD
2004 Ex-Iraq Survey Group head Kay said Iraq tried to restart nuke program in 2000-01
            but didn’t get far
2004 Ex-Iraq Survey Group head Kay said Iraq had active biological weapons program
2004 Ex-Iraq Survey Group head Kay 1998 US bombing had stopped Iraq’s chemical
            weapons program
2005 Bush admin said it would ask Congress for another $80 bil for Iraq and
            Afghanistan wars
2005 Human Rights Watch reported arbitrary arrests torture abuse threats corruption in
            Iraqi justice system
2006 Report US wanted to make Iraqi army light infantry force to fight insurgency and not
            threaten neighbors Meant given no artillery or heavy weapons besides 77 T-72 tanks
2010 3 international hotels bombed
2013 ISF killed 9 protesters at Fallujah protest camp for throwing stones
2015 Yazidi militias and YPG forced Arabs out of Om Danabuk, Sinjar Killed 10 and
            looted village
2015 Badr’s Amiri claimed all of Diyala cleared of IS

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