Monday, January 29, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History - Jan 29

1917 British captured Ottoman fort at Khadairi Bend in campaign to recapture
1948 PM Jabr forced to resign over protests over Anglo-Iraq treaty organized by
            Communists Regent also against Jabr
1948 Sayid Mohammed al-Sadr replaced Jabr as PM
1953 Jamil al-Midfai became PM for 5th time
1982 King Hussein said Jordanian troops would be sent to Iraq to help in Iran-Iraq
1991 Iraq launched probing attack upon Saudi city of Khafji occupying it
1998 Last part of final report of UN inspectors in Iraq issued
2002 Bush State of Union called Iraq part of Axis of Evil Said it still had WMD
2002 Iran and North Korea added to Axis of Evil speech because Bush admin didn’t
            want to be seen as focusing upon Iraq
2003 UN Amb Negroponte said Iraq bought aluminum tubes for nuke program
2003 Rumsfeld said Iraq had a nuke weapons program and tried to buy uranium from
(Musings On Iraq article on Iraq-Niger uranium story)
2003 Powell Chief of Staff Wilkerson went over info to be used in Powell speech to UN
            at CIA HQ
2003 State’s Wilkerson rejected using Cheney Chief of Staff’s briefing as basis for
            Powell’s UN speech CIA Dir Tenet said NIE on Iraq should be used instead
2003 Aid groups warned that if Pentagon ran postwar Iraq many international donors
            would be reluctant to give relief
2004 NatlSecAdv Rice said what US predicted about Iraq WMD before war not what
            found afterward
2004 NatlSecAdv Rice said Saddam deceived US and world about its WMD
2004 State Dept said failure to find out about Iraq’s WMD was not US failure but
            international one
2004 Ex-Iraq Survey Group head Kay told Bush Saddam wanted Iraqis to believe
            country had WMD when it didn't
2004 Fmr Iraq Survey Group head Kay said he thought Saddam destroyed his WMD
            stocks because too easy to find
2004 Bush asked Ex-Iraq Survey Group head Kay why Saddam didn’t admit he had
            no WMD Kay said Saddam wanted fear to stop revolts by Shiites and Kurds
2005 RAND Corp Iraq became center for jihadist cause and cause of terrorism in rest of
2005 Human Rights Watch US Abu Ghraib prison scandal became recruitment tool for
2006 Al Qaeda sent 2nd letter to Ansar al-Sunnah saying it sent representative to
            Iraq to work out issues with Al Qaeda in Iraq
2006 Sharia Committee for the Army of the Followers of the Sunnah and the Collective
            joined Mujahedeen Shura Council
2006 Sharia Committee for the Army of the Followers of the Sunnah and the
            Collective’s emir was Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's group
2006 Report after US made deal with sheikhs in Ramadi against Al Qaeda in Iraq in
mid-Jan 3 sheikhs assassinated leading tribes to retaliate against AQI
2006 Report 3 Islamist insurgent groups once aligned with Al Qaeda in Iraq in Ramadi
            broke with it
2006 National Security Adviser Rubaie said Al Qaeda in Iraq feuding with Islamic Army
            and Mujahedeen Army 

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