Thursday, January 4, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History – Jan 4

1948 students in Baghdad protested against 1930 Anglo-Iraq Treaty Broken up by police
1981 Iran claimed it destroyed Iraq’s oil industry in Iran-Iraq War Was just damaged
1999 Iraqi opposition claimed Baghdad executed 100 dissidents in Nov 1998 who
            were arrested during 91 uprising
2003 UK For Pol Adv Manning told Blair US almost given up on inspections because
            wanted immediate action against Iraq
2003 Manning warned that US was pushing for war as soon as possible
2003 US Natl Intel Council report said building democracy in Iraq would be long and
2004 Bin Laden said US war in Iraq attempt to control region’s oil and start of holy war
            in Middle East
2005 Report US considered embedding US advisors within Iraqi units to speed their
2006 Bush told Maliki surge happening and he had to publicly back it and could
            not stop US ops
2007 Baathist leader Izzat al-Dhuri declared war on Sadr and Hakim

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