Friday, January 26, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History - Jan 26

1948 PM Said said that Anglo-Iraq Treaty was still on the table after Regent
            cancelled it Led to new protests
1948 PM Said ordered suppression of protests against Anglo-Iraq Treaty
1982 Iran and Iraq agreed to family visits for prisoners of war
1987 Islamic Conference Organization invited Iran and Iraq to summit in Kuwait Iran
            said no
1987 UN Sec Gen de Cuella addressed Islamic Conf Org saying aggressor in Iran-Iraq
            War needed to be determined
1997 Iraqi National Accord operative gave interview saying CIA behind bombing campaign
           in Iraq form 1994-95
1998 Project for New American Century sent letter to Clinton demanding US
            overthrow Saddam
1998 11 of 18 that signed letter from Project for New American Century would join
            Bush administration in 2001
2003 Powell speech asked why Iraq tried to buy uranium Reference to Iraq-Niger uranium deal
2003 Blair said Iraq non-cooperation with UN inspectors was material breach of
            UN Resolution
2004 Japanese troops deployed to Iraq as part of Coalition of Willing
2005 Insurgent umbrella group announced campaign to disrupt that year’s elections
2005 US Cmdr in Iraq Gen Casey said US and Iraqi forces killing more insurgents and
            taking fight to Sunni areas
2005 US Cmdr in Iraq Gen Casey said Iraqi forces could secure country but could
            secure voting stations during elections
2006 Al Qaeda sent letter to Ansar al-Sunnah suggested it merge with Al Qaeda in Iraq
2011 insurgents caught crossing from Syria to Anbar Said they got aid from
            Syrian govt
2015 after battle with IS in Barwanah, Diyala Hashd kill 70 civilians
2017 All of east Mosul freed by Iraqi forces after Abadi declared it cleared

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