Tuesday, January 30, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History – Jan 30

1927 1st student protest in Iraq held over firing of teachers Organized by Communists
1940 Regent of Iraq fled Baghdad for Diwaniya fearing retaliation by PM Gaylani
1940 British were hoping to use Regent fleeing to spread unrest in Iraq to remove PM
            Gaylani from power
1984 State Dept memo said that US considered discouraging military exports to Iraq
1985 Iraq attacked Said Saad
1991 Saddam ordered Op Samarra hit and run air attacks on Coalition air force
2001 1st NSC meeting of Bush admin talked about how Iraq destabilizing Middle East
            CIA Dir Tenet provided intel Iraq working on WMD at factory
2001 Treasury Sec O’Neil asked about WMD intel Tenet admitted no confirmation that
            Iraq producing WMD
2001 Sec of State Powell argued for smart sanctions
2001 Sec of Def Rumsfeld wrote memo noting Iraq and others trying to buy advanced
            military technology
2002 Rice said Axis of Evil countries had to be dealt with diplomatically but at same
            time said they couldn’t be negotiated with
2002 CIA unclassified report to Congress Iraq trying to rebuild its nuclear program
2003 Bush told Italian Premier Berlusconi that Iraq would be disarmed and Saddam
2003 UN Amb Negroponte told Senate aluminum tubes Iraq bought were not right
            for rockets in response to IAEA findings
2003 Same hearing Dep Sec of State Armitage said there were differences in US about
            the tubes
2003 White House spokesman said Bush stood by claim that aluminum tubes Iraq tried
            to buy were for nuke program
2003 UK Att Gen Goldsmith wrote Blair telling him UN Res 1441 didn’t authorize
            use of force against Iraq
2003 Aid group warned that breakdown of law and order likely right after Iraq invasion
            unless US immediately established control
2003 Powell’s chief of staff Wilkerson began going through intel on Iraq with CIA
            for Powell’s Feb 03 UN speech
2004 CIA and Congressional inquiries no evidence White House pressured US intel on
            Iraq’s WMD and ties with Al Qaeda
2004 Congressional committee found CIA relied too much on circumstantial outdated and
            satellite and intercept intel on Iraq WMD
2005 Elections held for parliament to draft new Iraqi constitution Sunnis boycotted vote
            Also voted for provincial councils
2012 Maliki warned Salahaddin governor that he would be removed if he pushed
            provincial autonomy
2014 8 gunmen stormed Human Rights Min office in Baghdad and took hostages
            Were killed

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