Monday, January 22, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History - Jan 22

1970 3 coup plotters executed by Pres Bakr govt
1970 Iraq expelled Iranian ambassador accusing Tehran of backing 1970 failed coup
1991 Iraqi SCUD missile and 2 U.S. Patriot missiles landed on Israeli city of
Ramat Gan
1991 Iraqi forces set fire to 700 Kuwaiti oil wells
2003 2nd meeting of US UK Australia on postwar Iraq Little came of meeting
2003 CIA sent its report on Iraq WMD to White House to help make case for war
2003 CIA analyst told IAEA aluminum tubes Iraq tried to buy were for centrifuges
            IAEA said they were for rockets IAEA proved right
2004 Cheney Iraq had mobile labs and WMD programs Inspections found no mobile
2004 Cheney said overwhelming evidence Saddam linked to Al Qaeda
2004 Cheney said Iraq behind 1993 World Trade Center bombing
2005 Report $300 mil for arms deal for Iraqi army went missing after put on plane for
2005 INC’s Chalabi accused Defense Min Shaalan of stealing the $300 mil Shaalan
            threatened to arrest Chalabi for the charge
2006 Report 34,131 attacks in 2005 up from 26,496 in 2004 Car bombs went from 420
            in 2004 to 873 in 2005 IEDs went from 5,607 in 2004 to 10,953 in 2005
2007 Maliki announced he would no longer protect the Mahdi Army from U.S.
2008 Mahdi Army tried to kidnap PM Maliki’s national security adviser Mowafaq
            Rubaie in Baghdad
2012 Iraq voted in Arab League for a transition of power in Syria away from Assad

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