Tuesday, January 23, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History – Jan 23

1920 British cabinet decided Iraqi oil would be developed by a public company
            Foreign Secretary Curzon overturned decision
1920 UK Foreign Secretary Lord Curzon decided Turkish Petroleum Company would
            keep its oil rights signed with Ottomans
1948 More protests against Anglo-Iraq Treaty leading to fights between Communist and
            Independence party
1970 33 conspirators in coup against Pres Bakr executed
1991 Iraq dumped 400 mil gallons of oil into Persian Gulf to try to prevent
            US retaking Kuwait
1999 NSC counterterrorism dir Clarke said US was right to bomb factory in Sudan
            because connected to Al Qaeda and Iraq WMD experts
2003 Defense Ministry ordered that if Baghdad were to fall all govt buildings were to
            be looted and burned
2003 Mukhabarat document called for looting and destruction of property if Saddam
            were overthrown
2003 Rice wrote NY Times OpEd Iraq hiding its WMD programs from UN inspectors
            and tried to buy uranium for its nuke program Reference to Iraq-Niger deal
2003 Rumsfeld said that Iraq had WMD and ties to terrorism were one threat
2003 Under Sec of Def Wolfowitz said Iraq had tons of WMD and time running out for
2003 DepDefSec Wolfowitz speech Said Iraq didn’t make truthful weapons
            declaration to UN
2003 DepDefSec Wolfowitz said Iraqi defectors told about Iraq having mobile
            WMD labs
2003 DepDefSec Woflowitz said Iraqi govt threatening scientists not to talk to
            UN inspectors
2003 White House released document saying Iraq hiding its WMD and tried to buy
            uranium for its nuke program Reference to Iraq-Niger deal
2004 Iraq Survey Group head Kay resigned saying didn’t think Iraq had any WMD
            stocks or large programs since 1980s
2004 Iraq Survey Group head Kay said Iraq destroyed its WMD after Gulf War due to
            inspections and unilateral actions
2004 Iraq Survey Group head Kay resigned because group was going to be diverted
            from finding WMD to fighting insurgency
2004 White House said it believed Iraq had WMD and it would be found
2006 Report Iraqis going to Jordan jumped from 200-250/day from 2004-05 to 1,100/day
            in Jan 06 as people were fleeing violence
2007 Bush State of Union outlined the Surge
2008 Iraqi Ninewa campaign began to secure Mosul
2008 20,000 pound bomb went off in Mosul leaving 300 casualties
2010 Asaib Ahl Al-Haq kidnapped US contractor Issa Salomi which it swapped for 4 of
            its members held in prison
2015 Hashd destroyed four mosques in Muqtadiya, Diyala after operation there

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