Wednesday, January 3, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History – Jan 3

1923 Administrative Inspectors Law reduced number of British advisers to
            Iraqi govt and limited their power
1948 Iraq’s Foreign Minister Jamali said that Iraq was sensitive about the 1930 Anglo-
            Iraq Treaty
1948 Independence Party held meeting Decided to protest against govt and 1930 Anglo-
            Iraq Treaty
1963 Communists warned Gen Qasim to purge military to stop Baathist coup but
1969 Bakr Govt launched new offensive against KDP
2002 CIA Dir Tenet told VP Cheney coup wouldn’t work in Iraq only invasion would
            Tenet then gave same briefing to Bush
2002 CIA argued overtly containing Iraq via UN sanctions while secretly working to
            overthrow govt wouldn’t work
2002 Bush told Tenet dual Iraq policy would stand
2014 Insurgents declared Fallujah an Islamic state

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