Sunday, January 7, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History - Jan 7

1916 British made second assault on Ottomans during Battle of Sheikh Saad
            taking part of the Ottoman defenses
1917 British made diversionary attacks along Tigris River to draw Ottoman forces
            away from Khadairi Bend fort
1969 14 hung in Baghdad after show trial over alleged Israeli spy ring uncovered by
1974 Baath Party congress organized by Saddam called for one party state
2003 IAEA went to Al Qaim facility 3rd time US claimed was an active Iraqi nuclear
            plant Found it destroyed
2004 Bremer met with Barzani and Talabani Kurds said they wanted an
            autonomous region not provinces in new Iraqi constitution
2006 Report US held talks with insurgents inside and outside Iraq since fall
            2005 Not much progress said to have been made
2006 Report insurgents expressed complaints and splits with Al Qaeda in Iraq
2010 Accountability & Justice Comm banned 511 candidates from 14 lists from

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