Tuesday, January 9, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History – Jan 9

1916 Battle of Sheikh Saad ended with British beating the Ottomans
1917 Battle of Mohammed Abdul Hassan between Ottomans and British
1917 British began assault upon Khadairi Bend fort
1959 Gen Qasim blocked Communists’ application to be recognized as political
1990 Iraq opened 2nd oil pipeline with Saudi Arabia
1991 Sec of State Baker met with Iraq For Min Aziz and failed to end Kuwait
1991 Bush sent Baker to Baghdad to convince people he was trying all options to
            resolve Kuwait crisis
1991 Baker warned Iraq not use to use WMD in upcoming Gulf War
1991 Iraq said that if it was attacked it would strike Israel
1991 Bush sent request to Congress to use force against Iraq in Kuwait
2002 CENTCOM commander Gen Franks briefed Rumsfeld on latest war plan
2002 Powell called Gen Franks concerned that Rumsfeld was trying to push as small
            an Iraq invasion force as possible
2003 Head UN weapons inspector Blix said no smoking gun found in Iraq but
            didn’t mean there were no WMD
2003 Head UN inspector Blix said Iraq’s Dec weapons declaration was incomplete
2003 White House spokesman said US knew for a fact Iraq had WMD
2003 Pentagon asked Jay Garner to head ORHA to run postwar Iraq 2 months
            before invasion He initially said no
2003 IAEA head El Baradei said aluminum tubes Iraq tried to buy were probably for
            rockets not nuclear program
2003 White House responded to IAEA saying Iraq spinning it over aluminum tubes
2003 Gen Franks briefed Bush on war plan Talked about Turkey’s refusal to allow in US
2003 Gen Franks worried about Jordan and Saudi Arabia staying on board for war
2003 Gen Franks said he’d be ready for invasion by Feb 03 but March would be better
2006 Foreign Min Zebari told Amb Khalilzad Ayatollah Sistani and Iran’s Gen
            Suleimani would likely pick next candidate for premier after 05 vote

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