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This Day In Iraqi History - Feb 9


1922 UK cabinet adopted Colonial Sec Churchill’s proposal to put Royal Air Force in charge of

security in Iraq replacing army

(Musings On Iraq Churchill In His Own Words On Mesopotamia/Iraq)

(Musings On Iraq review Churchill’s Folly, How Winston Churchill Created Modern Iraq)

(Musings On Iraq review Inventing Iraq: The Failure of Nation Building and a History Denied)

(Musings On Iraq review Supremacy And Oil, Iraq, Turkey, and the Anglo-American World Order, 1918-1930)

(Musings On Iraq review Wings of Iraq, Volume 1: The Iraqi Air Force, 1931-1970)

1963 Gen Qasim asked for safe passage out of Iraq Was refused by coup leaders Qasim captured shot

and body shown on TV

1963 Baathist Gen Ahmed al-Bakr became premier Col Abd Salam Arif president

(Musings On Iraq review Socialist Iraq, A Study in Iraqi Politics Since 1968)

1981 Iran and Iraq agreed to visits by Islamic leaders who wanted to try to negotiate a ceasefire in Iran-

Iraq War

1982 Iraqi offensive to seize Bostan Khuzistan ended due to rainy conditions

1983 Iranian Op Fajr al-Nasr Attacked again Iraqi counterattack surrounded Iranians and destroyed


(Musings On Iraq review Iran-Iraq War Volume 4: The Forgotten Fronts)

1986 Iran Op Wa al-Fajr 8 Largest so far 50% of army 2/3 of Revolutionary Guard attacked Faw

Peninsula Basra Started with diversionary attack north of Basra At night Iranians crossed Shatt al-Arab in two places Landed south end of Faw

(Musings On Iraq interview with Naval Postgraduate School’s Ostovar on history of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard)

(Musings On Iraq review Vanguard of the Imam, Religion, Politics, and Iran’s Revolutionary Guard)

(Musings On Iraq interview with author Anthony Tucker-Jones on Iran-Iraq War)

(Musings On Iraq interview with author Tom Cooper on Iran-Iraq War)

(Musings On Iraq review Iran-Iraq War Volume 2: Iran Strikes back, June 1982-December 1986)

(Musings On Iraq review The Iran-Iraq War 1980-1988)

(Musings On Iraq review Iran-Iraq War, The Lion of Babylon, 1980-1988)

(Musings On Iraq review The Iran-Iraq War)

(Musings On Iraq review The Longest War, The Iran-Iraq Military Conflict)

1991 US 1st Cavalry Division made reconnaissance mission into Iraq to make sure mechanized units

could operate in Kuwaiti and Iraqi desert

2003 France and Germany proposed tripling number of UN inspectors in Iraq US attacked plan

(Musings On Iraq Section 3.7 Development of UK Strategy and Options, 1 February to 7 March 2003)

2003 Pentagon memo said that there would be security vacuum after invasion leading to disorder Said

civilians at Pentagon expected military to come up with troops to preserve order but military wanted troops for other tasks Memo was rejected by CENTCOM that said war plan was to get to Baghdad and couldn’t leave troops behind to maintain order

(Musings On Iraq review Leap of Faith, Hubris Negligence, and America’s Greatest Foreign Policy


2003 Report UK intel didn’t think there was an Iraq-al Qaeda connection

(Musings On Iraq Review The Report of the Iraq Inquiry, Executive Summary)

(Musings On Iraq Section 3.7 Development of UK Strategy and Options, 1 February to 7 March 2003)

2003 Observer article disputed Iraqi defector Mohammed Shahab used in March 02 New Yorker article

who claimed Iraq connected to Al Qaeda via Ansar al-Islam

2004 US released Zarqawi letter to Al Qaeda Said goal to start sectarian war by attacking Shiites to rally

Sunnis to its cause

(Musings On Iraq interview with former CIA analyst Nada Bakos that tracked Zarqawi)

(Musings On Iraq review The Caliphate At War, Operational Realities and Innovations of the Islamic State)

(Musings On Iraq review The ISIS Reader, Milestone Texts of the Islamic State Movement)

(Musings On Iraq review Insurgent Iraq, Al Zarqawi and the New Generation) 

2004 Report White House 03 paper on Iraq WMD dropped qualifications and doubts from 02 Natl Intel

Est on Iraq

2007 Report Mahdi Army cleansing Sadiya Baghdad of Sunnis and Shiites moving in PM Maliki

protecting Sadr’s forces

(Musings On Iraq review Voices From Iraq, A People’s History, 2003-2009)

(Musings On Iraq Columbia University Charts Sectarian Cleansing Of Baghdad)

2007 1920 Revolution Brigades offered negotiation terms to US Included cancelling constitution and

govt Releasing prisoners Recognition of resistance Direct talks with US Disbanding militias Bringing back Saddam’s army

(Musings On Iraq review Iraq’s Sunni Insurgency)

2007 Pentagon Inspector Gen found DepDefSec Feith’s Office of Special Plans made its own intelligence

assessment that was inappropriate differed from intelligence community and wasn’t fully supported by intelligence Promoted story that 9/11 hijacker Atta met with Iraqi intelligence in April 2001Story false Told White House intelligence community was wrong about Iraq-Al Qaeda ties

2008 Anbar Salvation Council gave Islamic Party 30 days to leave provincial council or be forced out

Two also competing over reconstruction contracts

(Musings On Iraq review Illusions of Victory, The Anbar Awakening And The Rise Of The Islamic State)

(Musings On Iraq interview with author Carter Malkasian on Anbar Awakening)

2009 Report 30,000 displaced returning home per month Main problem occupied houses Govt had

no process to deal with issue Courts can’t handle it

2010 PM Maliki began campaign against Baathists before 2010 vote

(Musings On Iraq Timeline of Iraq’s De-Baathification Campaign)

2010 Aide to Ahmed Chalabi said US trying to bring Baathists back to power

2010 Protest in Qadisiya against Baathists

(Musings On Iraq Campaigning Officially Begins IN Iraq As Hunt For Baathists Spreads To The Local Level)

2010 Parliament’s legal comm called on parliament to ban VP Hashemi in 2010 election for being a

Baathist sympathizer

(Musings On Iraq Iraqi Politicians Stepping Up Attacks On Each Other As Elections Near)

2010 Army officer put in charge of Salahaddin govt by PM Maliki stopped provincial council from

entering offices Led to protest in Tikrit

(Musings On Iraq Struggle Over Control of Salahaddin Province)

2016 PM Abadi called for technocratic and non-partisan cabinet

(Musings On Iraq interview with Reidar Visser on PM Abadi’s reform program)

2016 Ramadi finally freed from IS by Iraqi forces

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