Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Post Mosul Liberation Day 35 Aug 14 2017

There were more incidents in Mosul and surrounding areas of Ninewa province. Islamic State members were arrested attempting to smuggle weapons into west Mosul. A senior insurgent leader who allegedly was in charge of operations in east Mosul along with several other militants were also detained. A policeman in Tanak in the west was shot and killed. In an outer village, an IED wounded a civilian, and three people were killed and one injured in a shooting incident in the Tal Afar district. The liberation of Mosul didn’t mean the end of the Islamic State. Its units are scattered, but still making attempts every day in the governorate.

Preparations were underway for the Tal Afar campaign. A Hashd officer told the press that six different units would take part including Badr, the Al Abbas Division, the Imam Ali Brigade, Kataib Hezbollah and others. Hashd spokesman Ahmed al-Asadi claimed 90% of its forces would be involved. Police and army units were still moving towards the district as well. Finally, a Hashd commander reported that IS was rounding up people and forcing them into the middle of Tal Afar to use them as human shields. This operation is supposed to start any time. It appears that forces are still moving into place however. IS swept up families from the district around a month ago and forced them into Tal Afar itself. In Mosul civilians were mostly used by the insurgents to cover their retreats rather than their fighting positions. That’s likely to be repeated this time.

The pro-Iran factions of the Hashd continued their anti-American remarks. Hashim al-Moussawi claimed the United States evacuated Islamic State leaders from Tal Afar. Kataib Hezbollah said they would keep its guns aimed at the Americans during the battle because they were helping the militants. Every week Tehran’s allies make similar statements. This constant flow of propaganda is aimed at taking advantage of the conspiratorial minds of many Iraqis and the widespread belief that Washington is behind IS.


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