Saturday, August 26, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Aug 26

1922 King Faisal apologized to British Iraq High Commissioner Cox for
            Anti-British remark made at a party
1968 Mulla Barzani had his two ministers resign from Bakr govt because Baath was
            backing Jalal Talabani
1981 85 POWs exchanged between Iraq and Iran in Cyprus 2nd prisoner exchange
            of Iran-Iraq War
1987 Iraq demanded UN arms embargo on Iran for not accepting ceasefire deal and
            threatened new air strikes
1987 U.S. signed 5 year trade agreement with Iraq mostly for farm products Support US gave Iraq
            during Iran-Iraq War
1988 End of 5th Anfal campaign
1992 US, UK, France started Operation Southern Watch creating southern no fly
            zone over Iraq
1994 Iraqi Vanguard for National Salvation took responsibility for car bomb in
2002 Cheney speech called Iraq a mortal threat to US
2002 Cheney said Iraqi defectors like Hussein Kamal proved Iraq had renewed its
            nuke program
2002 Hussein Kamal defected to Jordan in 1995 Said Iraq had ended all its WMD
            and nuke programs
2002 Cheney said no doubt Iraq had WMD and that it was good at deceiving
            weapons inspectors
2002 Powell argued that US had to go through UN to deal with Iraq at National
            Security Council
2003 Report US left thousands of munitions dumps all over Iraq which were looted by
            insurgents and militias
2003 Bremer Iraq could not pay for its own reconstruction and U.S. would have to
            put up several billion dollars to do it
2003 Bremer CPA could not meet Iraq’s electricity needs until summer of 2004
2003 US launched Op Ivy Needle to hunt down criminals and Baathists in Salahaddin
2003 DepSecState Armitage said US might consider a multinational force under UN to
            help with security after rejecting UN role
2003 Humanitarian aid groups announced pulling out workers from Iraq after terrorist
2015 Pres Masum implied that some of Abadi’s reforms were unconstitutional 

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