Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Tal Afar Battle Day 2

The Iraqi forces (ISF) continued to advance on Tal Afar from five directions. In the west, the Federal Police and Hashd moved 19 kilometers into the Tal Afar district. A police major claimed they were only a few meters from reaching the town itself. According to Joint Operations Command spokesman General Yahya Rasool six villages were captured during the day. The Golden Division moving from the southwest entered the first neighborhood of the town. The Tal Afar district is not that big. Most of it is open plain providing little cover for the Islamic State. There is only one built up area of the town itself where the streets are narrow and the houses densely packed. The environment favors the ISF who have an overwhelming force along with air and artillery cover.

On the Islamic State’s side, they were setting oil wells on fire to try to obstruct aerial views of their positions. It has employed this tactic many times before. Kataib al-Hamza of the Hashd reported that insurgents were escaping towards western Anbar via the Jazeera desert. Tal Afar has been surrounded by the Hashd since the end of 2016, and the army and police added their forces to the cordon over the last month. The veracity of such stories is hard to determine. Either the ISF have holes in their lines, which IS is exploiting or the Hashd are just posting propaganda that the militants are broken, and trying to run away. That’s been a theme since the Mosul campaign. The nine-months it took to take the city proved that IS is far from giving up even though they have no way of winning these battles.


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