Tuesday, August 29, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History – Aug 29

1987 Iraq attacked 2 Iranian merchant ships in Iran-Iraq War 40 ships hit by both Iran and Iraq in
            next 2 weeks
1988 Bazi Gorge in Kurdistan attacked by Iraqi forces with chemical weapons killing around 3,000
            Kurds 6th Anfal
1996 Iraqi National Accord discovered impending Iraqi attack on Kurdistan and KDP had made
            deal with Saddam
2002 Bush signed Iraq: Goals, Objectives, Strategy that said US would use all means to remove
2002 Bush and Blair talked about tough UN resolution on Iraq disarmament and how Saddam
            wouldn't comply leading to conflict
2002 Bush okayed war plans for Iraq
2002 UK Foreign Office paper said rebuilding Iraq would be a long and costly affair
2002 IAEA spokesman in London Times No evidence Iraq rebuilding nuclear facilities Would be
            easy to find by spy satellites
2003 SCIRI head Mohammed Baqir al-Hakim killed in Najaf Imam Ali shrine car bombing by
            Zarqawi 125 killed 500 wounded
2003 Car bomb driven by Yassin Jarrad father of Zarqawi’s second wife
2007 Sadr announces freeze of Mahdi Army after fighting with Badr in Karbala
2007 Petraeus wrote about Anbar Awakening and Sahwa and how they improved security in Iraq

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