Sunday, August 27, 2017

Tal Afar Battle Day 7

Red area remaining neighborhoods under Islamic State control

By the seventh day of the Tal Afar campaign the fighting was nearly over. By the middle of the day the Tal Afar We Are Coming command said that 75% of the town was under government control. That went up to 90% by night time. The three thrusts into the town cleared the remaining neighborhoods in the middle, and then moved to the eastern end of Tal Afar. Along the way they took Muthanna 1, Muthanna 2, Arabiya 2, Bouari, Urouba, Salam, Qadisiyah 1, Qadisiya 2, Rabia, and the citadel in the center. Most of the combat appeared to be done by the Federal Police and 9th Division along with the 2nd and 11th Hashd Brigades. Just two neighborhoods at the eastern tip of the town remained in Islamic State hands. The Iraqis and U.S. originally estimated 1,000-2,000 militants were in Tal Afar. That now looks overblown as only a few hundred have been reported killed. Of course, given Iraqi propensity to exaggerate that figure will likely go way up later on. Tal Afar was originally surrounded at the end of 2016. The cordon did not appear to be particularly done well as the Hashd continuously said it was cutting off the last route to Syria. It was said to be surrounded again about a month ago. That gave the insurgents plenty of time to leave. It seems most did, leaving behind only a small holding force.

During the day, a mass grave was discovered inside Tal Afar. It contained the bodies of around 80 civilians and members of the security forces who were executed by the Islamists.

Outside of Tal Afar, several villages remained under IS control. The Iraqi forces were mopping those up those as well. 8 towns were taken during the day by the 16th Division and the Hashd. That leaves 7 more to be freed.

Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi arrived in the district. He’ll likely be able to declare victory by tomorrow. This has been a quick and efficient battle with an overwhelming force defeating a rather small insurgent group.


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