Thursday, August 24, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Aug 24

1922 Anniversary for King Faisal’s coronation opposition gave him petition
            calling for elections and Iraqi independence
1922 During King Faisal’s anniversary someone said down with British Mandate which
            was applauded
1986 Ayatollah Khomeini said Iran had to fight until victory and Saddam deposed
1988 Iran and Iraq started peace talks in Geneva to officially end Iran-Iraq War
1988 Start of 6th and final Anfal campaign focused upon destroying KDP bases
            in Dohuk KDP HQ attacked
1990 PLO Foreign Minister Qaddumi said PLO supported Iraq against colonialists
1995 UK intel report said Iraq had hidden much of its nuke program destroyed its
            SCUDs didn’t have hidden chemical stockpile
1998 US Intel said Iraq was connected to Al Qaeda chemical plant Clinton admin
            bombed in Sudan
2003 Ayatollah Hakim wounded in bombing at his Najaf office Some blamed Sadr for
            attack in growing inter-Shiite rivalry
2003 Bremer admitted US not doing a good job securing Iraq’s borders
2004 Panel found Rumsfeld’s orders on interrogations contributed to abuse of
            prisoners in Iraq
2004 Panel found that U.S. underestimated need for prisons in postwar Iraq then
            didn’t attempt to solve the problem
2004 Panel contradicted White House claim that Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal
            was act of a few prison guards
2004 Panel found Abu Ghraib prison abuse was not part of an intelligence gathering
2006 Maliki banned TV channels from showing bloodshed caused by the war
2007 Natl Intel Estimate on Iraq said security improving unevenly No reconciliation
2009 Sadrists ISCI Jaafari announced creation of National Alliance
2015 Sadr said his followers should join Friday protests in Baghdad on Aug 28
2015 Sit in protests in Basra ended when govt promised to meet their demands
            Were not met

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