Sunday, August 27, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Aug 27

1934 Ali Aiyubi became premier of Iraq, would hold office 3 times
1992 Report US funneled in counterfeit dinars into Iraq to try to undermine economy
            and Saddam
1996 PUK attacked KDP in Kurdistan Forced KDP out of most of its territory PUK
            backed by Iran
2002 Cheney gave speech calling Saddam a threat that needed a pre-emptive strike to
            remove him
2003 White House considered asking Congress for additional $3 bil for reconstruction
            in Iraq on top of previous $2.5 bil
2003 Oxfam started withdrawing from Iraq after terrorist bombings against aid groups
            by Zarqawi 4th aid group to do so
2004 Sistani returned from London to Najaf Arranged ceasefire with Sadr to
            end Battle of Najaf Mahdi Army were to turn in weapons but not be arrested Didn’t give up
2004 Sadr said “puppet police” couldn't protect Imam Ali shrine in Najaf and
            Mahdi Army still in control of it
2007 Mahdi Army got into gunfight with ISF run by Badr Brigade in Karbala shrine
leading to more than 50 deaths 280 wounded

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