Wednesday, August 23, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Aug 23

1922 King Faisal struck by appendicitis with no PM or govt British High
            Commissioner Cox ruled until king returned
1922 Cox deported and exiled opposition leaders banned opposition parties and papers
            Silencing opposition and Shiite leaders
1952 Communist led strike at Basra port led to clash with police
1962 Govt census in Jazeera listed 120,000 Kurds as aliens during Kurdish revolt
1988 UN said that Iraq used poison gas in attack on Oshnaviyeh, Iran on Aug 2
            that wounded around 2,600 civilians
1988 7th time UN documented use of WMD by Iraq
1990 Saddam appeared on state TV with western hostages in Iraq Told them they were
            being held to prevent war
2003 CPA created Dep of Border Enforcement but gave it little money to control
            Iraq’s borders
2003 Turkmen protested in Kirkuk city over Turkmen being killed Turned violent 3
            killed 15-20 wounded
2005 US embassy report said Gen Casey’s plan for handing off security to Iraq had no
            chance of succeeding and argued for counterinsurgency to defeat insurgency
2015 Police opened fire on demonstrations in Babil wounding 4
2015 2 Reporters in Diwaniya said they were threatened by gunmen not to cover protests 

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