Friday, August 11, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History – Aug 11

1918 UK For Sec Balfour British war in Mespotamia should be
            justified by securing water that would also give it control of oil
1933 Assyrians in Zakho and Sumail were attacked by Iraqi army led by Gen
            Sidqi 300 killed
1933 Another 40 Assyrian villages attacked and 600 more killed mostly by Kurds
1937 Gen Bakr Sidqi head of 1936 coup was assassinated in Mosul after pan-Arab
            officers withdrew their support for him
1992 U.N. Iraq Rapporteur went to Security Council about Iraq draining southern
            marshes and new counterinsurgency campaign against rebels in south
1992 UK France US condemned Iraq campaign to clear southern marshes and warned of
            possible consequences
1995 Saddam gave speech denouncing son-in-law Hussein Kamal for defecting to
1995 Ali Hassan al-Majid issued statement saying Hussein Kamal was a traitor for
            defecting to Jordan
2005 SCIRI’s Hakim announced idea for southern federal region in Iraq
2005 Allawi govt announced ceasefire with Mahdi Army to hold talks with Sadr
            to end 2nd Battle for Najaf
2007 ISCI governor of Qadisiya killed by an EFP in Baghdad laid by Mahdi Army
            Sadr vs Hakim rivalry
2014 IS attacked Jalawla, Diyala with suicide truck bomb and 12 suicide bombers
            dressed in Peshmerga uniforms
2015 Parliament approved PM Abadi’s reform program that included ending
            3 vice presidents
2015 Abadi said he wanted to cut cabinet to just 15 ministers and reduce local
2015 Protesters stormed Babil council building demanding better services

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