Saturday, August 12, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Aug 12

1968 New Baath government of Pres Bakr said it was committed to uniting Iraq
            and Egypt
1976 Soviet-Iraq arms deal announced worth over $1 bil included 600 T-62s
            and T-64 tanks, 100 Mig-23s, SAM-6 and SCUD missiles and more
1976 Soviet-Iraq arms deal included giving Russia secret access to Iraqi air bases
1986 Iraq air strike hit Iran’s main oil terminal in Sirri Island Iraq got air support
            from either Kuwait or Saudis
1988 Pres Khamenei speech claimed Iran won Iran-Iraq War
1990 Saddam said all occupations should end including Israel-Palestine &
            Syria-Lebanon to stave off criticism of Kuwait invasion
1990 Marches in Amman and Mafraq, Jordan, Sanaa in Yemen, Sidon in Lebanon
            in support of Iraq and Saddam after Kuwait invasion
1995 Saddam’s son-in-law Hussein Kamal held news conference in Jordan saying he
            would overthrow Saddam after defecting
2002 Iraq invasion plans leaked to Time Supported Rumsfeld’s ideas of a small force
            or supporting an Iraqi revolt
2004 US forces surrounded Mahdi Army in Imam Ali shrine and Najaf cemetery 2nd
            Battle of Najaf
2004 Fighting between Iraqi and US forces vs Mahdi Army killed 68 civilians in Kut
2004 Wash Post said it ran many articles questioning Bush admin case for Iraq war but
            didn't get on front page
2015 Pres Masum said parliament should keep one VP since position is in constitution

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