Saturday, August 26, 2017

Tal Afar Battle Day 6

On the sixth day of the Tal Afar offensive the three fronts attacking the town all met. The two thrusts from in the west met up with the southern push. That was accomplished by taking Nida, Khadra, Saad, Talaa, and Nasr. In the process, the entire Mahalabiya district was liberated. The Federal Police seized a town outside Tal Afar as well. By the end of the day just over half of the town was in government hands. The fighting should be over in just a few days, and then mopping up operations should take place to clear up the towns that were bypassed in the charge to get to Tal Afar.

A Peshmerga commander told the press that 500 families had fled the Tal Afar district to Syria. Several hundred people have been leaving the district each day. Most of those were going to camps to the south and east of Mosul. Syria is much closer, so it should be no surprise that displaced are heading that way as well.


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