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This Day In Iraqi History - Jun 1

1941 Regent of Iraq returned to power after PM Gaylani overthrown by British
1941 497 Iraqi soldiers killed and 695 wounded British lost 150 troops during Anglo-
            Iraq War
1941 Regent welcomed at airport by group of Jews from Baghdad who were attacked
            on way home that continued into capital
1941 Farhud anti-Jewish pogrom in Baghdad started Around 120 people killed and
            850 wounded
1941 Yunis Sabawi pro-Nazi leader who appointed himself governor of southern Iraq
            planned pogrom against Jews but deported by Brits
1941 British troops barred from entering Baghdad during Farhud UK Foreign Office
            thought it would look bad for Regent to return to power backed by English troops
1941 German Gen Felmy head of military mission to Iraq arrived in Syria after Anglo-
            Iraq War was over
1946 Arshad al-Umari became premier of Iraq, would hold office 2 times
1948 Jewish forces attacked Iraqi positions in Jenin but were turned back in 1st Arab-
            Israeli War
1967 Iraq For Min Pachachi met with US officials about growing tension with Israel
before 6-Day War
1972 Pres Bakr with Public Law 69 nationalized Iraq Petroleum Company Created
Iraq National Oil Company Saddam main decision maker Had backing of Soviets and France
1975 PUK announced its formation and date celebrated as anniversary even though
            party created in May
1984 UN Security Council condemned Iran and Iraq attacking tankers in Persian Gulf
            Iran-Iraq War
1987 Iran captured Darbandi Khan Lake dam in Kurdistan
1994 Barzani and Talabani agreed to 50-50 power sharing deal to jointly run Kurdistan
1994 600 killed in week’s worth of fighting between KDP and PUK especially around
1997 PKK launched 1st of 4 suicide bombings against KDP 55 KDP killed
2001 UN Res 1352 extended Oil for Food program
2001 White House national security meeting on revising Iraq policy but no decisions
made Asked NSC for new ways to pressure Iraq
2002 Bush gave speech at West Point arguing for pre-emptive war against rogue
            states because couldn’t be contained
2002 Bush told Natl Sec Adv Rice “Fuck Saddam. we’re taking him out”
2003 Sadrist march against British occupation of Basra
2003 ORHA head Garner left Baghdad ending his short tenure in Iraq
2003 Barzani and Talabani wrote letter to Bush objecting to sectarian quotas putting
            Shiite as PM and Sunni as president
2003 House Armed Services Comm said it would investigate US failure to find Iraq’s
2004 Iyad Allawi became interim PM of transitional Iraqi govt Ghazi Yawer President
2004 CPA signed deal with Kurds INC SCIRI and others to disband their militias
            Never followed through with
2004 CIA Dir Tenet letter to Congress said doubted 9/11 hijacker Atta met with
            Iraqi intelligence in Prague in 2001
2004 Gen Casey became new Coalition commander in Iraq
2007 Islamic Army spokesman went on Al Jazeera accusing ISI of belligerence since it
            declared its state
2008 Fmr PM Jaafari announced leaving Dawa to create own party National
2008 Australia began withdrawing its troops from Iraq Operated as trainers and
            advisers in south
2009 Ex-Trade Min Sudani appeared in court to answer questions on corruption
2009 Def Min claimed it captured leader of Ansar al-Sunna Mohammed Hardawi
2009 KRG began exporting oil from Tawke and Taq Taq fields
2010 Parliamentary election results were certified
2010 Maliki attended PUK congress to lobby for new term as PM
2010 PKK ended ceasefire with Turkey hoping to spark peace talks Didn’t happen
2010 Electricity Min doubled bills for users to cut consumption but Iraqis unused to
            paying for power No effect
2011 Second day of protests in Ramadi calling for army to withdraw from city after
            police chief killed in raid
2011 Iraq Ground Forces Commander Gen Ghidan made agreement with Anbar
            govt to move soldiers out of cities due to protests after raid
2011 Human Rights Minister escaped assassination attempt by sticky bomb in Baghdad
2011 Committee to Protect Journalists ranked Iraq worse country in world due to
            deaths of reporters
2011 Amnesty Intl called on Baghdad to stop suppression of protests in Baghdad by
            arresting leaders
2011 Protest in Nasiriyah calling for jobs services and demanded govt step down
2011 Oil Min signed deal with South Korea’s KOGAS to develop Akkas gas field in
2012 US asked Iraq to extradite Hezbollah operative Daqduq to US after Iraqi court
            found him innocent of terrorism Didn't happen
2012 During anniversary of founding PUK Pres Talabani mentioned Gorran head
            Mustafa 29 times pointing to possible reconciliation
2012 Report Iran pressured Sadr to pull support for no confidence vote against Maliki
            Sadr called for all parties to move against Maliki
2013 Kurdish parliament extended Pres Barzani’s term for 2 years
2013 Def Min claimed it broke up ISI cell working on chemical weapons
2013 Salahaddin governor escaped mortar fire on his home north of Tikrit
2013 Ninewa Governor Nujafi escaped 2nd IED on his convoy west of Mosul
2013 Sheikh Sulaiman said Anbar governor’s committee to negotiate with Baghdad did
            not represent protest movement
2013 Sheikh Ubaidi of Albu Obeid tribe said Anbar protesters supported talks with
2014 ISIS leader ambushed and killed by Naqshibandi in Hamrin Mts, Diyala in
            retaliation for ISIS killing 8 Naqshibandi
2014 Report fighting between ISIS and Naqshibandi in Hamrin Mts, Diyala over last
            few days led to 70 insurgent deaths
2015 Iraq began selling Basra Heavy crude that greatly increased oil sales
2015 Pres Barzani said KRG would start independent oil exports if Baghdad didn’t
            deliver KRG’s share of budget

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