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This Day In Iraqi History - Jun 10

1916 Hussein Ibn Ali sheriff of Mecca declared Arab revolt against Ottomans
backed by British Many Iraqi Ottoman officers joined
1924 UK High Commissioner for Iraq Sir Percy Cox set June 10 as deadline for Iraq
            parliament to pass Anglo-Iraq Treaty but failed to do so
1924 UK Commissioner Cox got Iraqi MPs taken from their homes and forced them to
            approve Anglo-Iraq Treaty
1940 Italy declared war on Allies England asked Iraq to break relations with Rome as
            a result
1941 British air force destroyed train shipment of German military aid heading for
            Iraq from Syria Anglo-Iraq War already over
1954 Police fired on demonstrators in Baghdad organized by opposition parties
1963 Arif govt launched offensive against KDP
1979 Saddam gave Pres Bakr list of notables to be executed including army officers
Bakr said no Put under house arrest Saddam would use incident to push Bakr out of office
1982 Saddam announced unilateral ceasefire in Iran-Iraq War and withdrawal from
            Iranian territory Claimed Iraq achieved all its war goals Rejected by Iran
1982 Soviet Union renewed military supplies to Iraq which it had stopped when Iran
            Iraq War started
2003 Bush told cabinet he was convinced Iraq had WMD
2003 Bush said invading Iraq was right decision because of its WMD programs
2003 Rumsfeld said he was confident Iraq’s WMD would be found
2003 State Dept memo said Italian docs claiming Iraq-Niger uranium deal were
(Musings On Iraq article on Iraq-Niger uranium story)
2003 CIA hired fmr UN inspector David Kay to take over new Iraq Survey Group to
            hunt for Iraq’s WMD
2003 Head UN inspector Blix accused Pentagon of trying to undermine him during
2003 Report Al Qaeda’s Khalid Sheikh Mohammed captured by US said that Al Qaeda
            did not work with Iraq
2004 US gave up hope that NATO forces would be sent to help in Iraq
2005 Gen Petraeus told Inter Min Jabr about abuses of Wolf Brigade full of Badr
            militia Jabr denied any wrong doing
2005 Police commander kidnapped 11 Sunnis from Adhamiya Bodies found 2 days
            later in Sadr City
2006 Insurgents killed 60 police recruits in Ramadi U.S. forces cordoned off city and
            1500 reinforcements sent
2008 Dhi Qar police started operation to raid and arrest Sadrists
2009 Def Min Obeidi said he wanted US forces to stay in Iraq for the next 5 years
2009 Mass grave with 500 Kurds killed by Saddam found in Basra
2009 26 killed in car bombing in Nasiriyah
2009 Oil Ministry said it would not pay oil companies working in KRG
2010 State of Law merged back with other Shiite parties after elections in National
            Coalition giving them 159 seats
2010 Protests in Baghdad Babil Qadisiyah Nasiriya Najaf Kirkuk Karbala Ninewa
            Basra Chanted against Maliki and for better services
2011 Pro-Maliki tribesmen attacked protesters in Baghdad Burned images of Allawi
2011 Allawi attacked Maliki calling him a liar hypocrite and agent of Iran
2012 List of MPs for no confidence vote against Maliki was down to 160 Then 157
2012 Pres Talabani rejected no confidence letter against Maliki claiming not enough
2013 5 car bombs in Mosul area
2013 Maliki visited Irbil for first time in 2 yrs to try to resolve disputes with Kurds
2014 Gen Ghidan ground forces commander Gen Qanbar chief of staff fled Mosul to
            KRG causing general desertion
2014 ISIS took Mosul after 6 days of fighting Gov Nujafi fled to Dohuk 500,000
            began fleeing city
2014 Defense Ministry said it was sending Golden Division to retake Mosul Never
2014 Maliki declared that government would retake Mosul in 24 hrs
2014 Maliki asked U.S. for military aid to fight ISIS Maliki claimed US didn’t help
            until August but US started sending supplies next day
2014 ISIS set up checkpoints around Mosul to arrest and execute members of ISF and
Jabour tribe
2014 ISIS took Badush prison Ninewa and started executing 670 Shiite prisoners over
            next few days
2014 ISIS seized Shirqat, Suleiman Beq and Baiji weapons depot without a fight
            Started attacks outside of Tikrit Salahaddin
2014 ISIS attacked Abu Ghraib district Baghdad
2014 Def Min told retreating troops from Ninewa Salahaddin Kirkuk to rally in Taji,
2014 Peshmerga moved into Kirkuk city and Tuz Kharmato in Salahaddin Khanaqin dist
            in Diyala after ISF began retreating Lost most of Khanaqin to insurgents
2014 Maliki called for militias to help fight insurgents
2014 Iranian Revolutionary Guard said to be mobilizing and entering Iraq to aid
2015 Asaib Ahl Al-Haq said US forces in Iraq were continuation of occupation
2016 Sadrist mobs attacked Dawa SIIC Reform Movement Badr offices in Basra
            Maysan Wasit Dhi Qar Najaf Karbala Muthanna

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