Friday, June 29, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History - Jun 29

1923 Mujtahids Isfahani and Nayini arrived in Karbala in protest march against
            deportation of cleric Khalisi but only two other mujtahids joined them
1947 Baghdad hung four of Barzanis lieutenants and arrested his brother Shekh Ahmed
1966 Baghdad-Kurdish deal called for recognition of Kurds in constitution and
            autonomy Never implemented but stopped war
1966 Some 10,000 killed and 80,000 displaced during fighting between Kurds and
            govt from 1961-1966
1982 Iraq claimed it had withdrawn all its troops from Iranian territory Iran-Iraq War
            Iraq still held border areas
1992 Attempted coup by 4 officers in Republican Guard put down by Saddam 150
            Republican Guard officers executed and dismissed in aftermath
2003 Report SecState Powell misrepresented recording of Republican Guard in Feb 03
            UN speech to make it seem like they were trying to hide WMD
2003 FmrAmb Wilson claimed it unlikely British intel didn’t receive CIA
            reporting that Iraq-Niger uranium papers were fake
2003 FmrAmb Wilson claimed he saw fake Iraq-Niger docs He didn’t Also had
            no knowledge of CIA-British intel sharing
(Musings On Iraq article on Iraq-Niger uranium story)
2003 1st UN inspector chief Ekeus OpEd said Iraq’s strategic rational for WMD was
            Iran not the US or west
2003 Ekeus OpEd said Iraq learned from Iran-Iraq War its chemical weapons quickly
2003 Ekeus OpEd Iraq changed its WMD policy after Gulf War to stop producing and
            focus upon design and engineering
2003 Ekeus OpEd Iraq started just in time WMD program to work on infrastructure and
            then produce chemical weapons right before war
2003 Ekeus OpEd said Iraq’s WMD threat was in its research know how and production
2003 1st UN weapons inspector Ekeus OpEd said letting Saddam stay in power with
            WMD know how was a threat
2004 New PM Allawi announced Saddam and 11 others would face trial for their crimes
            under Saddam’s govt
2006 VP Cheney stood by his claim that the insurgency was in its “last throes” in 2005
Said people would look back at 2005 as a turning point in Iraq Said US underestimated the insurgency and damage Saddam’s rule did to Iraq
2006 US military said most captured foreign fighters in Iraq came from Egypt, Syria,
            Sudan, Saudi Arabia in that order
2008 Maliki promised Jabouri tribe limited autonomy in return for their support
2008 Female suicide bomber hit Sahwa council in Baquba
(Musings On Iraq article on female suicide bombers)
2014 ISIS spokesman Adnani Promise of Allah statement said would form the
caliphate under Caliph Ibrahim Said that all Muslims had to give allegiance to the caliphate
2017 Nouri Mosque Mosul liberated by Iraqi forces where IS’s Baghdadi declared the
            caliphate in 2014
2017 1st protest of summer over services led by Sadrists Burned building Led to police
            shooting at crowd 4 dead 20 wounded

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