Monday, June 25, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History - Jun 25

1961 Gen Qasim called for Kuwait to be re-united with Iraq Egypt said it was
            opposed to idea
1988 2nd Op Tawakal ala Allah using chemical weapons Iraq attacked Majnoon Islands
1991 Iraqis fired on UN weapons inspectors at suspected nuke site
2003 Report Captured Zarqawi operative in Germany said Zarqawi independent
            terrorist not part of Al Qaeda
2003 Report State Dept WMD analyst told Congressional hearing he felt pressured to
            tailor intel to fit Bush admin agenda on Iraq
2004 Captured Iraqi doc Iraq intel and bin Laden met in 90s Iraq agreed to air anti-
            Saudi tapes but request for joints ops unanswered by Iraq
2006 Maliki presented National Reconciliation and Dialogue project to parliament
Offered amnesty to those who had not killed Iraqi civilians Offered money to anyone who had suffered losses in war
2006 Health Ministry recorded over 50,000 Iraqi deaths since 2003 from terrorism and
            military clashes
2006 Report CIA officer Drumheller warned Agency before Bush’s Jan 03 State of the
Union and Powell’s Feb 03 UN speech not to use story Iraq had mobile WMD labs
2006 Report CIA officer warned that source of mobile labs story Iraqi named
            CURVEBALL held by Germans was unstable and story not verified
2006 Report Germans warned CIA that CURVEBALL was unreliable and refused to
            allow CIA access to him
2006 CIA Dir Tenet told Powell it had multiple sources confirming Iraq mobile lab story
            while preparing Powell’s UN speech CURVEBALL was only real source
(Musings On Iraq article on CURVEBALL)
2006 Right before Powell’s speech CIA Dir called CIA officer Drumheller to fact check
            speech Told Tenet not to use mobile labs claim
(Musings On Iraq article on mobile labs story)
2007 ISI bombed meeting of Anbar sheikhs in Baghdad killing 13
2014 Al-Nusra commander on Syrian-Iraq border gave allegiance to ISIS

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