Tuesday, June 26, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History - Jun 26

1925 Abdul Sadoun became PM of Iraq for 2nd time
1940 PM Gaylani asked Italy to become involved in Syria to block Turkey occupying it
            Came after Syria joined Vichy France
1948 Muzahim al-Pachachi became premier
1988 Iraq recaptured Majnoon Islands from Iran
1989 Iraq said it was clearing all civilians from 20 mil border area with Iran and
            Turkey in Kurdistan relocating 200,000-5000,000 Kurds
1993 Pres Clinton ordered cruise missile attack on Iraq’s intel HQ in Baghdad for
            attempted assassination of ex-Pres Bush in Kuwait
1996 Iraqi govt rounded up 120 coup plotters and executed most of them in failed
            plot by CIA and Iraqi National Accord
1996 Iraqi intel had captured satellite phone from Iraqi National Accord agent in Iraq
            and uncovered CIA-INA plot
1996 Iraqi intel used captured communication equipment to tell CIA its coup plotters
            had been rounded up and they should go home
2002 Gen Franks met with commanders in Germany and told them to switch from
original war plan to new Running Start Running Start would begin war before all forces in theater
2002 INC memo to Senate Approp Comm said group had led to 108 English articles
            from Oct 01-May 02 and White House officials had received those products
2003 UN terrorism committee draft report found no Iraq-Al Qaeda links
2003 Ayatollah Sistani issued fatwa saying Iraqis should elect council to draft new
            constitution vs CPA plan  
2003 Report quoted State Dept memo that too early to tell whether captured Iraqi
            trailers were mobile WMD labs
(Musings On Iraq article on mobile labs story)
2005 Rumsfeld said US conducting secret talks to try to split Iraqi from foreign
2006 Al Qaeda in Iraq robbed $7 mil from Rafidain bank branch in Ramadi
2008 ISI suicide bomber hit tribal council meeting Killed 26 including Garma mayor
2016 Fallujah finally freed of insurgents  

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