Friday, June 8, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History - Jun 8

1924 UK run Baghdad Times said England would give Iraq independence in 4 yrs
            at most if Anglo-Iraq Treaty passed
1941 British campaign started against Vichy French in Syria using troops in Iraq
            Germany used Syria to supply pro-Ger Gaylani Iraq govt
1990 US Commerce Dept wanted to limit technology sales to Iraq that could be
used for missile program Rejected by White House
2000 UN Res 1302 renewed Oil For Food Program
2003 Rice said US had looked at intel since 1991 to prove Iraq had WMD All agreed
            Iraq had weapons
2003 Rice said no one ever claimed they knew exactly where Iraq’s WMD were stored
            Rumsfeld said he knew
2003 Rice admitted that Bush used false claim of Iraq-African uranium deal in his 03
            State of Union but was quoting a British report and didn’t know about problems
(Musings On Iraq article on Iraq-Niger uranium story)
2003 Powell said all the intel on Iraq’s WMD was approved by CIA
2003 UK Home Secretary Blunkett said Blair govt should not have released its Iraq
            WMD dossier
2003 Cheney’s chief of staff Libby told NYTimes reporter Miller that secret National
            Intel Estimate had strong evidence Iraq had WMD
2004 UN Resolution 1546 endorsed Iraqi interim govt that would draft new constitution
            and have it voted upon by 12/31/05 Set date for return of Iraqi sovereignty
2004 UN Resolution 1546 said CPA would end Elections for permanent Iraqi govt would
            be held from Dec 04-Jan 05
2004 UN Resolution 1546 said Iraqi interim govt would draft constitution and have it
            voted upon by 12/31/05 Said Coalition forces could stay in Iraq
2005 State Dept spokesman said US no longer determined policy on militias It was now
            an Iraqi issue
2006 Interior Defense and National Security Ministers named in Maliki govt 6th months
            after national elections
2011 Maliki said he was ready for another 100 day reform plan after 1st ended with
            no changes
2011 Maliki said he was removing Chalabi as head of Accountability and Justice
2012 Maliki and State of Law started working on getting MPs to remove names from
            no confidence vote against Maliki
2012 Loyalty of Iraq announced 20 MPs said they took names off Maliki no confidence
2012 Solution Movement within Iraqiya said withdrawing from no confidence vote
            against Maliki
2012 Sadrists called for parliament to hold no confidence vote against Maliki
2012 Sadr denied that any of his followers fighting in Syria They were
2012 Asaib Ahl Al-Haq suspected of killing leading Sadrist in Baghdad 1st of 5 such
            assassinations between 2 groups
2013 7th day of protests in Nasiriya over lack of electricity
2013 State of Law and local list announced they would shut out Sadrists and SIIC
            from new provincial govt in Najaf
2013 Sadrists and SIIC announced alliance in Baghdad Dhi Qar and Wasit provincial
2014 Interpol issued arrest warrant for Iraqi official for buying fake bomb detectors
            Nothing done
2014 ISIS reinforcements from Syria arrived in Mosul to attack last section of city
            under govt control
2014 ISIS sleeper cells in Mosul joined fight
2014 Gen Ghidan ground forces commander Gen Qanbar chief of staff said they were
            withdrawing to eastern Mosul while ISIS attacking city
2014 Many ISF thought Ghidan and Qanbar going to east Mosul was a retreat and
            began deserting
2014 ISIS captured Hawija Zab Riyad Abbasi Rashad Yankaja in Kirkuk

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