Monday, June 4, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History - Jun 4

1920 Sherifan Army of Liberation arrived in Tal Afar to fight British and seize
            town 1920 Revolt
1922 Gertrude Bell said King Faisal was indecisive and lacked backbone to stand
            up to others
1924 Anti-British protests in Baghdad closed parliament
1982 Tariq Aziz went to Moscow seeking military aid for Iran-Iraq War but turned
1985 Iraq carried out heavy air raid on Iran oil terminal at Kharg Island
1992 New Kurdish parliament met first time Jawhar Salim elected speaker Cabinet
            also announced
1997 UN Resolution 1111 extended Oil For Food Program for 2nd time since
            started in 96
2003 Barzani went to Najaf and met Ayatollah Sistani and Abdul Aziz al-Hakim to talk
            about post-war govt and constitution
2003 Ayatollah Sistani called for an Iraqi parliament to produce a new constitution in
            opposition to CPA plan
2003 Blair said that he had no doubt that Iraq’s WMD would be found Rejected
            independent inquiry into case for Iraq War
2003 Cheney told Senators to stop asking for investigation into pre-war
            intelligence on Iraq
2003 DepUnderSecDef Feith said US wasn’t only country that claimed Iraq had WMD
            and so did Clinton admin
2003 DepUnderSecDef Feith denied that Bush admin pressured intelligence agencies
            over Iraq
2003 DepUnderSecDef Feith admitted he created Office of Special Plans within
            Pentagon to find Iraq-Al Qaeda connections
2004 George Tenet resigned as director of CIA in part due to failed Iraq intelligence
2004 Pope criticized Bush over Abu Ghraib prison abuse and called for international
            solution to Iraq
2005 New KRG parliament sworn in
2008 Half of parliament signed letter saying they were against Status of Forces
            Agreement unless it included US withdrawal
2008 Police arrested top 5 Mahdi Army commanders in Karbala aftermath Charge of
2010 Gen Odierno US cmdr in Iraq said 34 of ISI’s 42 leaders had been killed or
2011 Source in Maliki’s office said he was planning on stopping demonstrations
            in Baghdad and arrest protest leaders
2011 Kurdish opposition presented reform program to KDP and PUK after Sulaymaniya
            protests broken up Nothing came of it
2011 Dep PM Shahristani said Iraq would reach 3 mil/bar/day in oil production by
            end of 2011
2011 Maliki said national unity govt didn’t work and called for majority rule
2012 176 parliamentarians signed no confidence vote against Maliki and given to
Pres Talabani for verification Maliki office claimed signatures were collected illegally
2012 Sadr called to Iran to talk him out of backing no confidence vote against Maliki
2012 Shiite Endowment offices in Baghdad bombed 18 dead 125 wounded Bomb
            at Sunni Endowment defused but hit by mortar
2012 Inter Min head of explosives Gen Jabiri given 4 yrs in prison on misdemeanor
charges for buying fake bomb detectors
2013 Asaib Ahl Al-Haq denied it tried to assassinate a Sadrist leader
2014 ISIS began attack upon Mosul eventually taking city
2014 ISIS head of Military Council Bilawi killed by Iraqi special forces
2014 Babil police chief press conference with 6 prisoners confessing to car bombing
            then posted 4 of them executed on his Facebook hours later
2014 Report State of Law delegation went to Iran and got backing for 3rd term for Maliki
2015 IS held ceremony for Fallujah sheikhs to give it baya
2015 Number of displaced in Iraq reached 3.0 mil
2016 Abadi said human rights committee would be formed to investigate abuses of
            Hashd in Fallujah op Nothing happened
2017 Hashd freed Baaj west Ninewa Emptied it of civilians and started creating security

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