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This Day In Iraqi History - Jun 2

1920 Revolt against British started when sheikh in mid-Euphrates refused British
            taxation arrested and freed by tribe 1920 Revolt
1924 UK run Baghdad Times said if Anglo-Iraq Treaty not ratified Iraq would lose
            Mosul to Turks
(Musings On Iraq article on how Mosul province became part of Iraq)
1941 Jamil al-Midfai named PM in new govt after PM Gaylani overthrown by
British Declared martial law
1941 Anti-Jewish pogrom the Farhud in Baghdad continued until curfew imposed 187
killed in 2 days
1941 Regent of Iraq ordered end to anti-Jewish Farhud pogrom
1941 British intel officer asked why British troops were sent into Baghdad to stop
            Farhud Thought didn't want to upset Regent
1941 UK 20th Indian Brigade ordered from Basra to Baghdad to help secure area
1982 Gulf Cooperation Council offered peace plan to end Iran-Iraq War Israeli
            invasion of Lebanon ended plan
1991 Demonstrations in Dohuk Irbil Sulaymaniya Diyabil with Kurds demanding US
forces stay in Kurdistan to protect them Police stations and Baath offices attacked
2002 Czech Inter Min claimed 9/11 hijacker Atta went to Prague and met with Iraqi
            intel officer
2002 Iraq arrested Abdul Yasin involved in 1993 World Trade Center bombing
            Conspiracy theorists would later say this was proof Iraq involved in bombing
2003 Blair said Iraq’s WMD would be found
2003 State Dept memo said too early to say captured trailers Iraq mobile WMD labs
2003 Iraqi scientist dug up 200 blueprints for centrifuges for Iraq’s nuclear program and
            gave them to US forces
2003 Gen Franks told CPA’s Bremer disbanding Iraqi military was a mistake
2003 1,000 ex-soldiers protested outside Green Zone over CPA disbanding Iraqi military
2003 Bremer approved Justice Dept program to hire DynCorp to provide 6000 trainers
            to rebuild Iraqi police
2004 Survey Iraqis seeing US as liberators went from 88% in Oct 03 to 43% in Apr 04
            Want US to leave 17% Oct 03 to 57% Oct 04
2004 Iranian intel officers arrested in Baghdad plotting attacks
2004 Iraqi Governing Council convinced UN envoy Brahimi to include them in Allawi’s
            interim govt
2007 ISI’s Abu Omar al-Baghdadi told local commanders in Baghdad to stop fighting
            Islamic Army of Iraq Dispute would be mediated
2009 Cheney said never any evidence linking Iraq with 9/11 Cheney had promoted story
            that 9/11 hijacker Atta met with Iraqi intelligence in 2001
2010 Adm Mullen said ISI had been devastated by deaths of leadership
2010 Pres Barzani met with Turkish PM Erdogan to talk about security
2011 Obama told Maliki wanted Iraq parliament to approve stay behind US forces
            Maliki disagreed saying no new deal needed
2011 Survey Iraqis seeing country going in right direction 45% Nov 10 Wrong
            direction 49% Mar 11
2011 Human Rights Watch report govt arrested and beat protest leaders in Baghdad
2011 Maliki ordered investigation of Trade Bank in Iraq after refused to back deal
            made by Maliki with S. Korean company
2013 Report Sadr got into argument with Hezbollah’s Nasrallah over backing Assad
            in Syria
2013 Sadr accused Asaib Ahl Al-Haq of trying to assassinate leader in his movement
            in Baghdad
2015 US sent 2000 AT4 anti-tank missiles to Iraq to help fight car bombs
2015 Badr objected to US helping retake Ramadi

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