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This Day In Iraqi History - Jun 13

1920 War Min Churchill wrote PM George that British army over extended in
Mesopotamia and asked whether UK should give up Mosul province because of costs
(Musings On Iraq article on how Mosul province became part of Iraq)
(Musings On Iraq article on Churchill’s views on Mesopotamia/Iraq)
1963 Govt forces attacked Dohuk killing 165 Peshmerga
1975 Iran-Iraq signed Reconciliation Treaty to resolve border issues
1988 Iran launched counterattack in Shalmache, Basra Moved 7 miles into Iraq
1997 UN complained about Iraq’s obstruction of weapons inspections
1998 UN inspectors met with Iraqi delegation led by Tariq Aziz over UN inspections
(Musings On Iraq article on UN weapons inspections)
2002 UK Def Min paper said postwar planning needed to be made before taking
            military action against Iraq
2003 US ground forces commander Gen McKirenan moved HQ from Iraq to Florida
            Denied US forces remaining in Iraq intelligence and staff
2003 Gen Eaton arrived in Baghdad to head US training program for new Iraqi army
2005 US held 2nd secret talk with insurgents in Balad to try to break them away from
            foreign fighters and Al Qaeda in Iraq
2006 Bush made surprise visit to Baghdad told Maliki US stood behind him
2006 US Iraq Cmdr Gen Casey told Bush US had to withdraw and make Iraqis take
            more responsibility Bush did not agree but went along anyway
2007 ISI bombed Askari shrine in Samarra 2nd time Used agents in Iraqi police
2007 Sadrists begin boycott of parliament and pulled ministers from cabinet when
            Maliki refused to set withdrawal date for US  
2008 Sadr said that he was turning most of his movement into social and political
            organization disbanded most of Mahid Army
2008 Maliki said talks over new Status of Forces Agreement with US at dead end
2010 Iraq Central Bank attacked by ISI dressed in military uniforms Started
            with 7 suicide bombers 25 killed 50 wounded
2011 Organization for Women’s Freedom in Iraq press conference on beatings of
            protesters in Baghdad broken up by plain clothes police
2012 ISI bombed Shiite pilgrims and KDP HQ 84 killed total almost 300
2012 Report Ayatollah Khamenei trying to persuade Sadr to drop opposition to
            Maliki Quds Force commander Gen Suleimani already failed
2013 SIIC and Sadrists complained State of Law and Loyalty to Najaf broke deal
            and formed new Najaf govt illegally
2014 Ayatollah Sistani issues fatwa for men to defend country leading to creation of
            Hashd al-Shaabi
2014 3 Iraqi army divisions disintegrated in collapse of Mosul Tikrit etc
2014 Peshmerga moved into Sadiya and Jawala, Diyala and Kirkuk City after ISF fled
2014 North Oil Company shut down oil to Baiji refinery because of fighting
2014 ISIS demanded that people return to their jobs in Mosul after taking city
2014 Report up to 25 tankers with ISIS oil travelled into Kurdish controlled areas
            of Tuz Kharmato per day
2014 Insurgents seized police station in western Ramadi
2014 Badr head Amiri given control of security in Diyala by Maliki
2014 Report 500 Iranian Revolutionary Guards deployed to Diyala
2014 Sunni imam and two aides arrested in Baghdad by ISF later found dead
2015 2nd day of fighting between Hashd and Peshmerga in Sadiya, Diyala over control
            of town
2015 Report top US commanders didn’t want to get more involved in Iraq war against IS
2015 Protests in Basra demanding governor resign for corruption
2015 Abadi speech said Hashd non-sectarian under his command in war against IS
2015 80 US soldiers arrived in Habaniya base Anbar to support ISF operations in

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